Ace That College Entrance Test

There's no easy route to the big school, but having a road map while you drive on makes all the difference. Read on to find out how to ace that college entrance test!
by Lyka Benitez   |  Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Refresh and restore. It's impossible to cram everything you learned since first year high school  a week before the exam. However, if your entrance exam is months away and you haven't gone to review classes yet, now is the time to do so. Holding on to stock knowledge is not bad at all, but it would be better if you get help from people who have aided students like you pass these kind of exams year after year. Also, review materials for college entrance exams are available everywhere so make sure you start practicing with these.
  2. Chill. Is your examination going to be tomorrow? Relax! Don't cram those equations into your head the night before the exam. Take a deep breath before you prepare the stuff you need to bring the next day. And get a good night's sleep! Besides, you've done enough preparation, and it's time for your brain to get that well-deserved rest!
  3. Gear up! All you have to bring are your 5 Ps: Permit, Pencil, Pambura, Pantasa, and Pagkain. Note, however, that some colleges require test-takers to bring other things such as their school IDs, etc. Check the college's website and/or the exam kit that was given to you to make sure that you're leave nothing behind.
  4. What to wear. You'll never know whether the room you're going to take the test in would have an A/C with a defective thermostat, so you better come prepared. A cardigan would always be the safest bet, as it is comfortable enough for both hot and cold environments.
  5. Power up your breakfast! Load up on brain food such as egg, oatmeal, dark chocolate, tuna, and nuts, as consuming these makes your grey matter perform better.
  6. Be an early bird. Although being an early bird does not guarantee you from getting the worm, going there early gives you just enough time to settle down and be comfortable with the surroundings. Whatever you think needs to be done, may it be to find the nearest bathroom so that you won't have to do so while the exam is ongoing, or chat up with that cute guy in the corner to help you ease your nervousness a bit, do it before the proctor hands out the exam!
  7. Make your stomach happy. Eat, but not too much! You wouldn't want to break the deafening silence of the exam hall with your burping or worse still, your "breaking wind". While taking the test, try snacking on a chocolate bar--a yummy brain food that improves focus and memory!
  8. Stop, look, and listen. Before answering, make sure that you have read and understood the instructions. Listen to the proctor and be aware of the time limit that has been allotted to each portion. Stop answering as soon as the proctor says so and, of course, don't cheat!
  9. Manage your time wisely. Don't to take too much of your time answering one item. Don't know the answer to a question? Simple: use the method of elimination. Still scratching your head? Skip it, and then get back to it after you're done with the rest of the exam.
  10. Unwind. Don't stress yourself out after the exam! Eat out with friends, enjoy the breeze, and simply be happy with the fact that you have just taken your first step towards the collegiate life.

What tips do you have for people taking their college entrance exams? How did you get through yours? Let's discuss in the comments below!

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