Abbey Sy Shares Tips on Pursuing a Creative Lifestyle

by Reins Mikalyn Melitante   |  Jun 24, 2017
Image: Abbey Sy
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The world is truly a beautiful mystery; it offers so much for us to explore and discover, but sadly, we tend to get too busy with our lives that we forget to take the time to appreciate the little things happening all around us. It's a massive world out there, and we are never too old, nor too young to start exploring new wonders. So dare to take chances and explore on a new creative journey each day, just like Abbey Sy.

The artist and best-selling author of The ABCs of Hand Lettering recently launched the first ever issue of ABC Magazine. With the theme "Student of Life," the magazine encourages artists, crafters, and makers everywhere to pursue greatness and create beautiful works of their own.

At the mag's launch, we were lucky enough to listen to Abbey share her process on following a creative journey. Here are the things we picked up.


  1. Go on a road trip.

"Sometimes all you need is a wisp of cold air and a change of scenery to fuel your creative energy." 

Being stuck in one place can get a bit boring and hard for us to think clearly, so it's important to go on road trips once in a while. Take the time to have a quick get-away with your family or friends and explore new sceneries.

  1. Travel more often.

"It's nice to explore new things and see a bigger world rather than Manila." 

We are regularly selfish in a sense that we live our own lives without seeing what the world has to offer. Pursuing a creative lifestyle is both wandering to and wondering about something new and unexpected. The world is a vast land full of new discoveries and adventures, so be daring to explore and immerse yourself in the different cultures around it. You'll be surprised at how much the world has in store for you.

  1. Explore a new locale.

"There's nothing like exploring a new locale through people watching and seeing the locals in their natural environment." 

Give yourself a free time to go on a mini adventure, such as exploring a new locale. It can be anywhere around your area: a café, the local library, or the park. While you're at it, try observing the community and the environment around you. It creatively expands your perspective of other people and gives you a better understanding of the cultures you'll come across.

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  1. Constantly read and write.

"What I love most about writing is that I get to share a piece of me in every work that I do—little pieces of me that are not the same with visual art. I love the idea of weaving words together, compiling stories, and being able to share something insightful and memorable through this medium."

Pursuing a creative lifestyle is also about reading and writing. Write about how you feel, your travels, learning, and experiences. So by the time you read back, you can imagine and reminisce the adventures you once had.

  1. Listen to music.

"Way back in high school, I developed the habit of listening to music everyday—on the way to school to pump up my morning, and late at night after doing homework while writing in my journal." 

Music is like our constant companion, whenever we feel gloomy or unhappy it would be always there for us to alleviate our worries. Get creative by making playlists that suits your taste, and explore not only the rhythm of the song, but also the meaning of its lyrics.


  1. Ace your space.

"Working from an attic has given me a different perspective on home organization. From a little overlooked corner in our house, I eventually turned it into my bedroom and creative space."

Abbey shares one idea of having a creative lifestyle is to maximize your area. As we brainstorm, it's best to have a clean and tidy area so we wouldn't get distracted easily. Organizing our spaces helps us focus more efficiently and gives us a good environment to work in.

Are there any other tips you'd like to learn from Abbey Sy or any other artist? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Twitter @candymagdotcom! 

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