A Sem Break Checklist

1, 2, 3 where did the sem break go? Before you know it, it's time for school again. Here's a checklist to make sure you don't spend your whole break sleeping in and watching TV.
by Rizzi Ponti   |  Oct 23, 2012
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Finally, a break from all the school work that piled up for the last months. This is your chance to take a breather and refresh yourself so you can go back to school in November as a better, brighter, happier girl.

  1. Reflect
    How was the last semester? Take the first few days of the break to reflect on what happened. Write in your journal. Look at the photos you took. Blog about it. Unleash your feelings and make sure you close the semester with a happy heart and an open mind.
  2. Thank Mom
    Cook a meal for her. Book a spa date or simply clean your room. It's time to thank mom for the yummy meals she made for you, the patience she had when you neglected your chores for school work, the support she gave on your class projects, and all  the help she extended to you with your homework and projects. Seal everything with a kiss and say, "thank you, mom!"
  3. Bond with your dad
    You've been busy all semester and dad misses you a lot. Make sure you spend time with the #1 man in your life. Let him know that despite the boys, the new responsibilities and the occasional nights out, you will always be his baby girl. If you are not close, take this time to find a common interest. Maybe you both have a passion for independent art. Maybe he can teach you basketball so you can excel more in PE class or maybe you just both like to eat. Chances are your genetic makeup gave you lots of similarities with dad. So go ahead, spend time with him and your siblings.
  4. Get Artsy
    I know you've been drooling to try out all those DIY you've been seeing but you never had time because of school work. Well, now that there are no more deadlines to meet, you can finally make a cover of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"! Take cue from TSwizzle by baking some goodies too! You don't have to be multi-talented to make weirdly awesome art. You just need enthusiasm and openness to try new things!
  5. Get a Makeover
    Yes, of course. A makeover is mandatory! I'm sure you're dying to put your uniform and school bag to rest. Say hello to days with no strict dress codes! This is the time to paint your nails with clouds and bright colors. Finally, you can bring out all your pretty dresses. Take charge and rock however you want to look. Just don't do anything drastic like permanently dying your hair blue since you have to go back to school in a few days. Check out this helpful guide to get some inspiration.
  6. Go Out!
    It doesn't have to be far and expensive. Think of a place you've wanted to go to but you didn't have time for. It can be the new hip place your friends are raving about or that nearby resort your cousin wants to go to. If your folks are cool about it, pick a Philippine tourist spot. When you visit, make sure to take lots of photos that show it is more fun in the Philippines!
  7. Learn something
    Though the break is for well, taking a break, don't let it end without learning at least one thing. It can be a new song or a new dance routine you practiced for weeks at home. It can be a new mantra you picked up while blissfully playing in the park. It can be as simple as a new joke or as deep as new found understanding. What matters is you're ready to go back to school again because you know your sem break was well-spent! Enjoy the break, Candy Girls! *wink*

What's on your sem break checklist? Share them with other Candy Girls in the comments below!

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