A List of Everything You Need When You Travel

by Melanie Santiago   |  May 16, 2015
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 1  Powerstrip

You may want to think about bringing along a powerstrip to charge your laptop and gadgets when you’re in the airport where outlets are sure to be crowded. Also bring a handy  powerbank for your phone.

 2  Sleeping Mask  

Bring a handy sleeping mask on board for uninterrupted snoozing, especially when flight attendants or your seatmate tend to open the lights as they please. Check out this cute DIY!

 3  Facial Mist

Recycled dry air in the plane will dehydrate the skin, especially on long flights it’s recommended to bring a moisturizing and refreshing spritz, try this simple concoction using green tea.

 4  Neck Pillow

Invest in a good neck pillow to help you get comfy during transit. Check out the market for memory foam ones that give the softest feel.

 5  Entertainment

Whether it’s a tablet full of your favorite apps or doing some ol’ fashioned reading, remember to bring some form of entertainment when travelling. Check out the pin for books released this 2015.

 6  Lip Balm

Other than keeping your lips moisturized, you can also use it on small cuts and dry spots. Always remember to go for multi-purpose beauty products that can give you more without the bulk.

 7  Shoe Bags

Keep extra shoe bags and eco bags in your luggage; they’re handy for storing other essentials and souvenirs. This pin shows a nifty DIY on a no zipper bag.  

 8  Baby Powder

A summer must-have, use baby powder to quickly remove dry or wet sand from you feet!


 9  Altoid Can Tissue Storer

Store folded tissue paper in a recycled tin case to keep it from getting wet and crumpled. Also pack some wet wipes that you can use as a refreshing face cloth or hand cleanser.

 10  Travel Mug

Use your travel mug to transport delicate items like glasses and fragile souvenirs or stashing valuables in aside from being an eco-friendly way to store you fave drink.

 11  DIY Mini Emergency Kits

Be prepared with any situation by preparing a mini emergency kit to stash in your bag. This pin shows you 5 important kits you can DIY using a simple altoid mint tin.

 12  Eye Drops

Great for dry, irritated eyes and also does a pretty good job of lessening the red from pimples as well as lighten dark under eye circles, check out how by clicking the pin.

 13  Bug Bite Salve

Be sure to carry a soothing balm or try this DIY paste using baking soda, aloe vera and mint oil for relief on itchy bites, wherever you go.

 14  Travel Apps

Make your smartphone or tablet more travel-friendly with these apps that help you find the best restaurants, compute for currency and teach you some local jargon.

 15  Beach Day Kit

Remember to check out the weather of your destination, if you plan to have fun in the sun, don’t forget to pack these beach essentials, with sunscreen as a major must-have!

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