A Few Minutes With Starters Author Lissa Price

The best selling author of the Starters duology talks about her books and Callie in this exclusive interview!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 25, 2014
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Lissa Price, author of the best selling futuristic thriller duology Starters, recently visited the Philippines to meet her fans and talk about her books. Candy had the chance to chat for a few minutes with the author where we talked about an upcoming series and her books, of course!

On doing a follow-up to Enders: "I am exploring that possibility because the characters won't let me go. There are so many things I can do from the end of Enders. All the questions have been answered, but there's a new door that's been opened and maybe I can go there. So yes, that's on my mind. But the other thing is there’s this new secret series that I'm doing in YA that is not futuristic."

On whether she planned the ending or not: "That came organically because as much as I know the endings and know the twists and everything, a lot of it is discovery. The characters tell me what I’m going to do, where I'm going to go. And I say 'Okay, that's it. That's interesting.' I just go there to keep the book interesting and honest."


On the actress she wants to play Callie: "If I were to cast it, I love Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit. But there are other wonderful actresses coming up to, so that's fine. For the guys, I don't know. I always ask my fans who they like now."

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On the kind of Ender she wants: "Just someone who would be kind, right? Someone who wouldn't do too much. If they wanted to do sports, that they wouldn’t want to do dangerous sports."

On another character from another story Callie can fall in love with: "Maybe Callie can fall in love with this guy from the Legends series. That might be a good choice!"

On writing a book: "Reading a lot is important. If you want to write a YA book, you should look at other YA books that are like that. Whatever you want to write, you need to read a lot of those. Every book you read as a writer is a learning process for you. I think you need to read those, too, to get inspiration. And maybe join a writers group. I belong to a writers group of four people. We meet once a week and turn in pages via e-mail and give comments. It’s wonderful to hear from somebody who knows your work and knows how you write and gives you advice on something that did work or didn't work for you."


On fan fiction and a fan fic about her books: "I don't know if someone's doing that yet. But there was one time I went to Comic-Con and it was hilarious. A pal started kidding me and said, 'I'm going to write fan fiction. I'm going to write Starters for the adult world and I'm going to call it Start Me Up, like Fifty Shades of Grey.' And we were laughing so hard. But students were asking me a lot in school about fan fiction as a way of breaking into writing. I actually know published authors, good ones, who did get their start that way. But I'm not really into somebody getting their career started that way because I feel that they lose time. If they wrote about somebody else’s book, they can't do anything with it. But if they spent their times writing their own characters and their own visions, I think it's a quicker path to writing."


The Starters duology is available at all National Bookstore branches nationwide.

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