A Candy Girl's Guide to the Art of Using a Planner

by Kat Estrella   |  Jan 8, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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What better way to prepare for a jam-packed 2016 by getting yourself a planner? As trivial as it sounds, this might just turn your year around. If you're one of those girls who's planner-dependent, and just can't seem to start their work without fixing their planner, you'd understand when we say the proper use of a planner is truly a work of art. And this is something that we'd be lost without! You get the OC feels with your planner, and that is why you have to devote a few minutes of your time every day to this book that holds practically our whole life. On the other hand, if you're the girl who doesn't own a planner or buys a planner at the start of the year to keep track of dates, step into the dark side, and see the wonders this date-keeper and tracker can do. Learn what it really means to have a planner in your life and fire up the OC-planner-girl in you. Here are 7 things to remember when using your planner.

  1. Don't be afraid to write on your planner.

    Washi tape and stickers

    We all get that "this planner is too pretty to write on" feeling when we first lay hands on a new planner. We dwell too much on the fact that the paper is too nice and too smooth and that your writing might just ruin it. But what's the point of buying the planner if you don't put it to use? Don't be afraid to start inking on your planner. If you make mistakes, you can use washi tape, post its, or stickers to cover it up. If you really can't stand the idea of using permanent pens on your planner, use a pencil first and trace them out afterwards.

  2. Try using color coding on your planner.


    Keep even the details on your planner organized by color coding. You can use one color for school work, another for family affairs, and another for events you will attend. You can also highlight the different deadlines you have to meet so it could easily be noticed.

  3. Get creative.

    Brush lettering on plannervia Pinterest

    This is your planner, and sky's the limit to your creativity. You can use symbols and different drawings when jotting down important events. You can draw balloons on days with birthdays. or draw a toothbrush when you have a dentist appointment. You can use different brush pens and different lettering styles when noting things down. This can help make the things you have to do somewhat enjoyable since it would be pleasing to the eye.

  4. Put random quotes and messages to yourself on your planner.

    Quote prints

    Choose quotes timely to what you have planned for the week. If you have papers due and tests to take, choose quotes that would motivate you to work. You can write messages to yourself ahead of time. Let's say the end of "hell week" is in 2 weeks, skip to your planner 2 weeks later and write a congratulations message to yourself for surviving. Believe me, the sense of fulfilment will be so great once you see your little note at the end of that "hell week."

    watch now
  5. Note your daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos on your planner.

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    Writing down daily to-dos can help you budget your time at school and at home within a day. Writing weekly lists will give you a view of your vacant time per week. When you have big projects to do, you can more or less see when you can dedicate time to working on this certain project. Noting down all the things you need to do can also serve as your long term and short term goals. Your monthly to-dos combined make up your long term goals.

  6. Watch your progress through your planner.

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    You more or less have an overview of your whole week and whole month on your planner. See what you've been doing to reach your goals in a nutshell by using the weekly and monthly overview.

  7. Stick mementos on your planner.

    plannervia Pinterest

    Add a personal touch to your planner by sticking little pictures, movie tickets, and other mementos. This way your planner becomes somewhat like a scrapbook as well. It knows everywhere you went and everything you did. When you look back at the end of the year, you can't help but get a little sentimental because of all the memories you've made.


Here's to a great 2016 ahead, Candy Girls! Cheers to the New Year!

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