How To Decorate Your Own Phone Case If You Don't Want To Buy A New One Yet

DIY your own phone case design!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 8, 2020
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You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of phone case they use... People often choose phone case designs that speak closely to their personalities. Sadly, it’s a huge dent in the pockets to shell out money for shiny new phone protection, so you might as well take advantage of the chance to let your creative juices flow and personalize your own.

Here are fun ways to DIY a brand new design from old existing cases that won't cost a lot

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions:

Insert a polaroid or a tiny photo inside a clear, transparent phone case.

Polaroids became such a thing for a while that people started to invest in their own polaroid cams. Photos are still pretty much in, so take those cameras out once more and snap a pic with your friends. Other people opt to use a photo of their celeb crush, which isn’t such a bad idea if you want to just conveniently flip your phone for an instant dose of kilig. Stash that still inside a transparent phone case to keep people you love close to you wherever you go.


Add some stickers at the back of your clear phone case.

Personalizing your phone case through super cute stickers is practically a thing now. You can buy tiny sitckers from book stores, arts and crafts stores, or any shop that sells stationery (there are a lot online, btw!).

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If you can't find sticker sets to your liking, you can always opt to print and cut out your own designs, stick them to any piece of colored paper you can find at home, and cut it accordingly so it's in the same shape and size as your phone case.

Check out this video to visualize the (super easy) process:

Check out other people’s vlogs for inspo.

Nothing inspires you to try something out better than your favorite YouTubers (Seriously, the next time you need to clean your room, look for a vlog about it and you’ll be tossing out trash from under your bed in no time).


Look up people decorating their phone cases if you’re still clueless about how you should go about it.

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