9 Ways to Spice Up Your Instagram Captions

by Niña Alvia   |  May 16, 2015
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In a world where moments are recorded and shared in a click or touch of a button, Instagram immediately rose to fame. It became so with its user-friendly system so that we could easily share our photos with who we want to. This generation takes Instagram to the next level by not only posting photos, but by having some fun with the captions placed alongside the posted photo.  Take heed from some of these tips, and grab some inspiration too from your fellow instagrammers' captions!

 1  Be open!

Caption: Weekend art trade
Don't be afraid of any of the creative juices and ideas flowing from you! It doesn't matter where you take inspiration from, so long as the end product is nice, it's fine. So long as you aren't copying the exact thing, it's fine! No to plagiarism!

 2  Harness your funny bone.

Caption: Ey shorety, it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday.
It's got to be somewhere there! Channel your inner Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen De Generes, and bring out the funny spontaneity in you!


 3  Short and simple can be your way.

Caption: puppycola
For your followers who will read your caption as fast as they can double tap the photo!

 4  Boost your vocabulary.

Caption: Styling work du jour: electric start to a mad day on set with my main squeezes
Spur interest and mystery with highfalutin words, or words of a different language. You don't only give yourself a mini lesson, but your followers too!

watch now

 5  It's rhyme time.

Caption: Eyes twice the size by @theamazingcherry
Rhymes are always catchy and will always be remembered and enjoyed.

 6  Idiomatic? Automatic.

Caption: Out and about with @annieandlori
Use these random idioms you pick up from anywhere and add your personality or happenings from the photo to spice up the caption!


 7  Fun pun!

Caption: Ready or not, hair I come!
Related to the second tip, it's definitely in your funny bone! Grab punny ideas by reading, watching, and listening to your surroundings.

 8  Be you.

Caption: Did a quick shoot in Hollywood Hills for an exciting project before I left for Europe.
Show your personality and your life thru your captions; not just photos, so your followers can get to know you a little more.

 9  Enjoy yourself.

Caption: Double the trouble, triple the threat
It will definitely be evident if you are happy and comfortable with what you post. You don't have to take this too seriously, just enjoy it all and the memories of the photo. (In photo: Three sets of a pair of siblings)



How do you caption your photos? Share your thoughts and comments with us below or tweet us at @candymagdotcom.

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