9 Things People Rooting for their Schools at the #UAAPCDC79 Will Understand

It got way too real.
by Mara Agner   |  Nov 19, 2016
Image: ABS-CBN via facebook.com/nationaluniversitymanila
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It's the time of the year again when the feels about the UAAP Cheerdance Competition get way too intense. Here are some of the things we went through while watching the Season 79 telecast that you might find relatable.

  1. You couldn't wait for the show to start.

And you hated everything that was getting in the way. Even news of the amazing discovery of whale sightings in New York.

  1. You had your social media accounts at the ready.

You were tweeting/posting your reviews, commentaries, and fearless forecasts with a passion, like the competition's board of judges depended on it.

  1. Aside from your socials, your chat groups were also abuzz.

You had different chat group tabs open and all were blasting with commentaries about the ongoing performance. And it's not like anyone in the group had to be updated...you were all watching the same thing.

  1. You found yourself unknowingly holding your breath while watching a performance...

You watched the routines closely because every moved mattered.

  1. And let out a deep sigh of relief whenever the routine turned out with minimal flaws.

Like shrugging off the stress you brought upon yourself.

  1. You kept cheering like you were a part of the crowd in Araneta.

Even if you were all by your lonesome. At home.

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  1. Everytime the show paused for a break (many, many breaks, in fact)...

...you were thisclose to loosing your cool and thought to yourself how they couldn't have chosen a better time to do it than during the announcement of winners!

  1. And when they were finally back on air...

...they went on about everything BUT proclaim winners. They start reviewing the rules, re-introducing the judges, and getting the crowed all riled up, before pausing for yet another break!

  1. Finally, the winners get announced! 

And either you squeal in agreement or pick up the shattered pieces on the floor that is your heart.

Got more CDC feels you want us to discuss? Let's talk about them in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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