Cool! You Can Do Cardio to All Your Fave K-Pop Songs at This Dance Fitness Studio

by Raisa de los Reyes   |  Feb 1, 2023
Image: Facebook/808 Studio PH
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Don’t be shy: We’ve all held imaginary concerts in the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if all that energy and talent that you poured into those few minutes are only seen  by shampoo bottles? Dancing should be a freeing experience, and dance studios will guarantee you the space to be yourself. 

For example, the 808 Studio—Manila’s first-ever boutique dance studio—will convince you to put on your dancing shoes! Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is 808 Studio?

Located at The Podium, Mandaluyong, 808 Studio hopes to unlock the groove within your body. This studio intends to create a space for everyone to dance their heart out without any shame or fear. It is open to anyone—no experience is required whatsoever! 

But don’t constrict yourself to what is being taught as you are highly encouraged to freestyle. The instructors will surely give you your main character moment and spotlight. 808 Studio is a safe space for everyone, so always remember to be yourself and have fun. 


Who Are The Instructors?

With over 17 dance instructors and seven DJs, 808 is well-equipped with a team that will make your first dance class a memory worth remembering. Each teacher exudes different vibes for their lessons, but they all share a similar goal of hoping to bring out the best in your movement. They will surely make you fall in love with the adrenaline rush you get after hitting the dance floor. Furthermore, the DJs will always make sure to bring the party to you! Get ready for sore muscles the next day because 808 will make you move.

What Classes Do They Offer?

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808 Studio offers the following classes: 808 Signature, 808 Signature 60, 808 Special, and 808 Kids. 

808 Signature is a 45-minute dance class that incorporates cardio and strength into the routine, while blasting the exclusive tunes and mixes of their resident DJs. Meanwhile, the 808 Signature 60 simply extends the same class into an hour to push you to your limit. As for 808 Special classes, these span for 75 minutes wherein the instructors break down every move of a popular choreography. 

The studio’s 808 Signature and 808 Special are particularly very popular due to their themed K-pop classes. In these lessons, instructors will teach participants the choreography to various K-Pop hits from BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, BTS, and more groups. They’re quick to schedule new dance classes every week, so make sure to check their social media pages frequently. 

Currently, they are holding a five-week dance camp for those who want to learn all the iconic dance moves of TWICE and NewJeans. To see how much you’ve improved over the course of the classes, they will produce a professionally shot performance video of all the participants. The 808 will really make you feel like a K-pop trainee under one of the Big Four agencies!

How Much Do Classes Cost?


Their classes are done either online or in-studio. If you want to participate in-studio, make sure to book as early as you can to reserve your spot. 808 offers a variety of packages for both types of classes. An in-studio pass for one class is priced at Php 850, while availing a first-timer’s pack of three costs Php 1,200. An online pass for one class can be purchased at Php 500. As for the K-Pop Camps, the five-week class will cost Php 7,200 per slot. If you are interested to know more about their other packages, you may visit their website here.

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