8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy

Because you deserve a good night's sleep
by Cielo Anne Calzado for RealLiving.com.ph   |  Jul 27, 2016
Image: Kendall Jenner | instagram.com/kendalljenner
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Nothing's more comforting than the thought of a comfy bed and a relaxing ambiance at the end of a long day. All of us look forward to hours of deep slumber—the kind of rest that not only help us forget all our worries, but recharge our bodies for another day, too.

Aside from adding pillows and keeping it clutter-free, working on a few easy updates can truly make the bedroom the perfect sanctuary where you can get the comfort and rest you need. Reward yourself and invest in any of these upgrades:

1. Showcase your work.

In this bedroom, the designer chose to frame and display a couple of photographs that she took. These photos added depth and contrast to the space dominated by neutrals.

When working on your bedroom, you can also put your photography skills to the test. No pressure—just take some photos, have it framed, and place it on the wall above your bed. If you're into drawings and paintings, choose one artwork that you've finished and feature it as well.


2. Do something unexpected—hang a hammock!

A hammock in your bedroom? Why not! This can be an alternative to the snug reading nooks that many have in their personal space. Place it by the corner and complete the setup with throws and pillows. To make it easier to keep or store when you need the extra space, you may opt to have a fabric hammock.

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Looking for just the right piece? Check out Hammock Republic on Facebook.

3. Work on a DIY headboard or paint your walls.

According to color psychology and as seen in many homes, shades of blue lend a calming vibe to any space. Feel like you're in a beach getaway and somehow enjoy a laid-back island life by opting for Davies Ocean Cruise. While the color is enough to transform your walls, take it a notch higher by crafting a headboard using louver doors. It gives your room a shabby chic meets rustic appeal while keeping your walls from being dull.


4. Install string lights.

Add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom and turn it into your personal wonderland by installing string lights on one wall. Complete the magical look by building your own canopy bed, too!

Learn how you can build an easy, breezy canopy bed here.


5. Invest in a custom-made bed.

You've probably read and hear it a couple of times before—a quality mattress and a sturdy frame that cost more are worthy investments. If you're able to save just enough cash, you may want to have a customized bed instead. This gives you the freedom to choose the size, built, and overall look of the bed.


6. Liven up the walls with wallpaper.

Those who are looking for an alternative to paint can always turn to wallpaper. Keep the vibe laid-back and cozy by opting for dainty prints, floral patterns, and soothing colors. Take inspiration from this bedroom's wallpaper highlighting birds in trees.

7. Install extra shelves and display potted plants.

Wall-mounted and corner shelves allow you to keep your essentials in place while giving you enough room to display decor, knickknacks, and some of your favorite things. Remember not to fill it with too much items—edit and choose the pieces carefully to keep your room from looking cramped. You may also want to bring in a bit of nature by having one or two small pots of indoor plants.


8. The sky's the limit—so maximize your ceiling.

Do you often find yourself counting sheep at night? Instead of staring at blank walls and ceilings, make it extra pretty by turning it into a work of art. Choose a design that calms you—it can be nature-inspired colors and lovely prints.


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