8 Things We Learned From Club 8

We sat down with Johan Angergård and Karolina Komstedt and got to know the music of Club 8 better.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  May 23, 2010
photo courtesy of Universal Records
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  1. Weather can change the way you look at things. Johan and Karolina come from Sweden, which has a cool climate. Karolina says they get about two months of summer and the rest of the year gets super cold. They traveled to Brazil, which inspired their new album The People's Record. "I really liked the mood there, very lively," Johan says. "The atmosphere in Brazil is really different from the atmosphere in Sweden. Like day and night," Karolina adds.

  2. You can find inspiration anywhere. They were inspired by the warmth and of Brazil and the music they discovered from the ‘70s and Western Africa. Plus their drummer is from Cuba! "It's a lively percussion fiesta," Johan says.

  3. The only permanent thing is change. "We don't want to lock ourselves in a particular style," Johan says when asked if their new album was a step into a more adventurous Club 8. "It gives us so much new energy," Karolina says about the change in their music. In the beginning she admits she had a hard time leaving their old sound but in the end she loved it. "This one, I will never get tired of," she says.

  4. Learn to let go of control. This is the first time that they had someone else produce their album. The only big difference about it is not having complete control over the record. Johan says that in the end, though, they still ended up doing what they wanted to do with the record.

  5. Pinoy fans are the best! Both Johan and Karolina said they've been wanting to visit Manila for a while now. Their show was about 12 years in the making. They tell us that the Philippines is actually one of the first Asian countries to like their music. They get in touch with their fans (and actually answer their messages) through MySpace. They expected Pinoys to be a happy, warm, and welcoming bunch-and it turned out to be correct, according to Karolina.

  6. Always try to look at the brighter side. Although Club 8's songs are mostly about sad things like heartbreak and death, their music actually sounds happy. Especially on their new album, where they introduce more percussion to their sound.

  7. Do what you love to do. All they want to do is make great art. When asked if they had all the money and freedom in the world, Karolina says, "it feels like we already have all the freedom in the world. We don't see money as a thing. We just want to do good music." Johan as a teenager already knew what he wanted to do. He already started writing music. "It was a good time. I started making music when I was 13," Johan shares.

  8. Friends are forever. Karolina and Johan actually dated for a while a long time ago but it never affected their dynamics as a band even after they had broken up. "We've been friends all along," Johan assures us. Although later admits that his girlfriend actually gets jealous when he goes on tour.

The People's Record is released under Universal Records and is available in major record bars nationwide. Give their single "Western Hospitality" a listen here.

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