8 Things That Made 2015 So Awesome

by Nicole Chiang   |  Dec 31, 2015
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Let's face it. There have been countless of cool stuff that happened this year that has made 2015 an amazing, unforgettable, and undeniably awesome year. We couldn't list down every single thing even if we tried, so we did the next best thing—choosing 8 of the many awesome things that happened this year. Here are some of the best things that happened in 2015. Look back with us as we reminisce all those memorable stuff. From papal visits to fashion trends and pop culture, check out this list and share to us what made your 2015 an awesome one!

1 The visit of Pope Francis

A monumental event that jumpstarted 2015, Pope Francis visited the Philippines from January 15-19. Can you believe that the last papal visit we had was way back January 1995? 20 years have passed since we last welcomed a pope into our county with open arms. Quick trivia: the last pope that visited our country before Pope Francis is now already a saint—Saint John Paul II.

2 The Victory of El Gamma Penumbra

Bearer of the gold from the first season of Asia's Got Talent was El Gamma Penumbra, a Filipino shadow play dance group. As Filipinos show time and time again their boundless pool of talents, El Gamma Penumbra has brought their country honor and pride. Aside from bagging the champion, let's not forget another Filipino gem Gerphil Flores who came home with the 3rd place. There truly is more to the Philippines than we really know.


3 Best of mainstream music

Pop culture has constantly tried to produce new material and inject them into the mainstream music industry, but not everything has been successful. Some successful ventures that we must take note of are the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, and Drake. These artists have topped the charts and have been the some of the reasons why we still have faith in today's pop music.

4 Inside Out

If back in 2013 we had Frozen, and in 2014 we had Big Hero 6, well, this year, we had Inside Out. There's no mistaking that this movie has proven itself to be this year's phenomenal animated movie. Moving the hearts of not just kids but also adults, this movie has gone a long way and will continue to make positive change everywhere.

5 The Dress

No one could simply get over "The Dress." Is it really black and blue, or white and gold? No one could tell. This dress sparked arguments online and instantly became viral. Though scientific explanations have popped up, netizens still continued to bicker over the "real" color of the dress (which, btw, is blue). Maybe you'd want to take one last look (out of the million times) before we finally rest this case.

watch now

6 The comeback of the '90s trend

What goes around certainly does come back around, even in fashion. There's no mistaking those flower crowns, chokers, overalls, crop tops, and high waisted jeans. They're back and ready to rule their way to each fashion savvy girl's closet. Maybe we shouldn't have tossed out our mother's hand-me-downs so quickly. 

7 Katy Perry's left shark

Well, if it isn't the cute shark dancing his heart out back in Katy Perry's performance in the Super Bowl. Who could honestly resist the left shark busting improvised moves as Katy Perry sang her hit song Teenage Dream? It was so adorable that he instantly became a hit in the internet.

8 Pia Wurtzbach wins Miss Universe 2015

After 42 long years, the gorgeous Pia Wurtzbach (and youngest Candy cover girl to date) won hearts all over the world as she made her confidently beautiful heart shine during the Miss Universe pageant, taking home the crown and honoring Filipinos everywhere.


What was your favorite moment of 2015? Share it with us below!

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