8 Things Every College Girl Should Have in Her Bag

Never leave home without these essentials!
Sep 21, 2016
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8 Things Every College Girl Should Have in Her Bag

Probably one of the biggest lessons college life has to offer is the importance of being prepared. By constantly dealing with surprise quizzes, temperamental professors, and even unpredictable weather changes, you'll learn how to face problems with grace and how to come up with solutions. Same with your ever-ready attitude, your bag should also be up for whatever challenge comes your way. Below are eight things every college girl should never leave home without:

  1. Paper and pen

You have got to stop asking your seatmate for a one-half crosswise sheet every time you have a quiz. Trust us, it's annoying! Make it a habit to stock up on this essential—from one whole, one-half crosswise, and one-half lengthwise to one-fourth pads—for when the need arises. Also, bring a few extra pens to school just in case your trusty ballpoint bails on you in the middle of a huge test.

  1. Umbrella

The weather can be really hard to predict, so better have an umbrella with you all the time. You wouldn't want to reprint your thesis again when the pouring rain destroys it, would you? Neither would you want to get to class soaking in your own sweat because you didn't have any protection from the sun! Eww, right?

  1. Emergency money

So you spend exactly P126 a day for transportation and food, but what if you don't catch the last train and you need to take a cab home? Do you have the extra cash? Some students try to control their savings by bringing only the exact amount they need, but be prepared with some emergency cash to avoid being in compromising and embarrassing situations!

  1. Sanitary napkin

You should always have a pack in your bag just in case your monthly visitor arrives earlier than usual. A pack of panty liners would also be a great idea. This simple habit could easily save you (or your friend) from a great deal of embarrassment! (read: period stains)

  1. Healthy snacks

There will be days when schoolwork gets too overwhelming that you'd rather skip lunch than miss your deadlines. Times like these call for snacks that you can munch on without leaving your table—like fruits or sandwiches! These will not only keep hanger at bay, but will also give you the creative juices you need to finish your tasks.

  1. Power bank

You know you're in huge trouble when it's only 1:00 p.m. and your battery's already down to 4%. What if your professor cancels his class and you fail to receive his group message? Or what if your mom calls and fails to reach you? You wouldn't want to throw her into a panic, so always bring a power bank with you. (There are small—and cute—ones available in the market that can easily fit your bag!)

  1. First aid kit

You can always stop by the clinic if you're feeling ill, but it's still best if you have the basics (such as band aids, headache meds, and anti-diarrhea meds) with you just in case dysmenorrhea or a headache comes into play while you're outside of campus.

  1. Beauty kit

Aside from the basics—BB cushion compact, concealer, oil blotting sheets, lip and cheek tint, lip balm, and perfume—you should also bring hair ties and nail polish with you at school. Hair ties will easily save you from those bad hair days, while a single swipe of your favorite Chic Nail Color will instantly add oomph to your look and prep your nails for those #inmyhands Instagram posts! 

We're sure you'll nail everything college life throws your way when you have these eight things in your bag!

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