8 Non-Cheesy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

These ideas are guaranteed to make your mom feel special on her day.
by Mara Agner   |  May 8, 2017
Image: Lovely Indeed | lovelyindeed.com
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It's Mother's Day in a few days and if you haven't found the perfect present to give your mom yet, thank your lucky stars because we have and we're sharing them with you. These are perfect for you if 1) you're on tipid mode or don't have any money to spare, 2) you're not the biggest fan of DIY, but are willing to put some effort in your Mom's Day present, and 3) you don't like being cheesy on occasions like this, but want to show your love nonetheless. Below are eight non-cheesy DIY Mother's Day gift ideas we found around the great WWW.

  1. Gemstone Soaps

If your definition of a special gift is something you've put effort into making, one of a kind, useful, and just takes 10 minutes to make, these gems are your best bets!  

  1. Fluffy Slides

Make your mom's footwear a little ~*extra*~ by converting it into fluffy sides! She'll appreciate it for sure.

  1. Rosewater Spray

Make this a welcome addition to your mom's skin care routine. It's easy to make and totally beneficial for her, too!

  1. Decorative Frame

Easy, fast, and aesthetically on-point. The only problem you'll be having with this gift is narrowing down all of your great photos with your mom to 25.

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  1. Herb Garden

If you're mom's a kitchen goddess, this easy-peasy well-thought-out gift will mean a lot to her and other moms who love to cook.

  1. Floral Herb Perfume

This three-ingredient gift will make your mom smell her best on her special day. Plus, it's made for kids, so there's no doubt you'll have a hard time doing this!

  1. Cool Card Set

From "Mom Boss" to "Nobody does peanut butter & jelly like you do," these cards are nothing cheesy, but still get your point accross. They're as cool as your momma.

  1. Bucket of Joy

Think of all of your mom's favorite things—from food to beauty products and stuff them in one big bucket, basket, or bag.


Got more Mother's Day gift ideas? Share them below!

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