7 Ways to Enjoy Fries

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Apr 13, 2016
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Who doesn't love fries? And while we're all for the ease and convenience of heading to your favorite fast food joint to order a round or two, we thought it might be fun to make your own, too! Up for the challenge? Here are 7 ways to enjoy your potatoes! Om nom nom.

  1. Oven-Baked Camote Fries
    Oven-Baked Camote Fries

  2. Skillet Nacho Fries
    Skillet Nacho Fries

  3. Nori Fries with Wasabi Mayo
    Nori Fries with Wasabi Mayo

  4. Loaded Gravy Fries
    Loaded Gravy Fries

  5. Cajun Kamote Fries
    Cajun Kamote Fries

  6. Gourmet Fries Duo
    Gourmet Fries Duo

  7. Super Simple Classic Hand-cut Fries Recipe

    Super Simple Classic Hand-cut Fries Recipe

What are your other favorite snacks to make at home?

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