7 Things to Consider So You Can Have a Debut For Less

by Aleeza Abinuman   |  Jun 2, 2017
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Turning 18 soon? Here are some tips to celebrate this milestone without going broke! All you need is a practical mindset, creativity, and a strong support system to help you carry out your ideas just fine.

  1. Airconditioned < Outdoor venue

More often than not, air-conditioned venues are more expensive and you can only use them for a limited amount of time. Save some bucks and book a venue that is mostly outdoor, with maybe an open tent or pavilion for the tables. Private pool resorts can be reserved for more than half the amount of money you have to pay for a grand hall. This will also give you that "night under the stars" feel. Or if you have a big enough yard, save even more and have your party there.

  1. DIY menu

Parties are usually done during lunch or dinner, but you can be unconventional and have a brunch or a tea party menu. Surf the net to find affordable caterers or food packages for a big group and ask them to not fully style your event because sometimes this adds on to the expense. If you have time and a small army of people to help, you can cook up a storm for your party, or maybe even set up a mini dessert table in a corner.

  1. Make your own décor

You know what exactly you want to see in your party, so it's satisfying to see your vision coming to life. Sketch a few ideas (or have a friend sketch a few for you) and start getting to work. Go to art supplies stores and party needs stores and you are sure to find a lot of cheap, pretty pieces that you can add to your setup. If you're having trouble with some of your ideas, get some family or friends to help you or try to find a supplier that can provide with the lowest price possible. Tip: Join Facebook groups with party suppliers and post what you are looking for. You are sure to find a one that can meet your needs!

  1. Get creative with the invites.

Gone are the days when you have to stick to board-type invites with envelopes. Depending on your theme, you can play around with your invites. A film-inspired party? Movie tickets, or a movie pass will do. A boho party by the beach? A dreamcatcher with a small tag for the details might look great. A dainty tea party? You can bake a small batch of cookies and wrap them in pretty paper with the details of your event. You can make whatever type of invite you want, even a digital one. This saves a lot, since you don't need a professional designer or a high-tech printer.

  1. Create your own photobooth setup.

This can just be a curtain of beads or some flowers or a wooden board. Add touches that tie in with your theme, and you're good to go! Set up a camera and have a family member (who is willing) take pictures of everyone who wants to try the booth. You can also have a printer nearby so that the shots can be developed and taken home.

  1. Ask a few favors.

It's going to be hard to cut back if you need an emcee and a makeup artist. You can ask a close friend or a funny tita to host the event, since they know you best and the audience can relate to them easily. You can be your own makeup artist, or if you're struggling with it, ask for some help (Maybe a contact of your mom's? Or a friend who is always kilay goals?). Ask them nicely, and make sure that their enjoyment of the party is never compromised.

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  1. Customize your giveaways.

Your giveaways usually reflect the theme, but it's okay if it doesn't. It can be more related to who you are to your friends, or a trademark you have. If you like writing, it can be small jars of poetry. If you're more of a baker, you can bake mini-cupcakes for them to take home. Or if you're an artist, you can paint small postcards for them. Whatever you choose, make it memorable for them, even if it's small.

Do you have more ideas to add to the list? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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