7 Super Fun DIY Projects You Can Try This Weekend

by Danielle Bernabe   |  Apr 22, 2016
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Are you the kind of girl who loves designing your own amazing clothes? What about our creating your own makeup? Do you make your own room accessories, and find yourself tinkering with items and producing other really cool stuff? If you are or you're curious to at least try, then these creative YouTubers are people you really need to watch because their DIY videos and ideas are absolutely fantastic. Most of them are also super easy to follow and are very entertaining to watch. So take out all the DIY supplies you've been storing at the back of your closet, go on YouTube, and get crafting, Candy Girls!

  1. RCLBeauty101

A true combination of both beauty and brains, Rachel Levin is certainly one of the most creative YouTubers out there. Her videos always feature things you never even thought you wanted or needed in your life until you watch them being made. She creates items ranging from peel-off makeup to galaxy bath bombs to the cutest and most practical back to school supplies. Pillow notebooks anyone? All of these are also surprisingly easy and fun to follow. Plus, almost all the materials you need are easily accessible or already found in your own home!

  1. GlitterForever17

What's always so lovely about her is how bubbly she is in her videos. You're never bored while watching her. You're always left with this feeling of wonder after watching out of amazement that she was able to think of creating what she just made. Edible makeup out of all things? Who would have thought of creating something that is both good for your stomach and for those luscious lashes of yours? She also has videos featuring the different ways to have cute cases for those dull EOS lip balms!


  1. IdunnGoddess

This is a YouTuber who is super quirky and creates DIY videos featuring items that are just as quirky and cute. I swear everything she makes is something you just need to create right after watching. They're all so adorable and appealing to your inner 7-year-old self wanting to have the coolest school supplies! Her room décor DIYs are easily doable and are the perfect things you need to make your little space a hundred times more unique and interesting.

  1. Nicole Skyes

It's hard not to love this girl who creates the edgiest items ever. She is also super funny and entertaining to watch. What we love about her DIY videos is the variety of videos she has available. From makeup to cute little accessories to giant things to decorate your room and even adorable, cutesy edible stuff! Nicole Skyes is a force to be reckoned with in the world of DIY. And if you love creative DIYs, she's someone you definitely have to check out!

  1. Michelle Phan

It's hard not to love her DIY videos when her voice is so soothing and her videos are always so aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that some of her DIY videos are also used to spread awareness for really good causes such as animal shelters. She doesn’t upload as regularly as she did before but with her videos always reflect quality over quantity. Her DIYs are not super simple to do and getting the materials can be kind of tricky but if you have the time and determination, the results are always flawless.

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  1. HelloMaphie

She might create some really weird DIY videos like creating fake poop but she also has really cute DIY videos that feature Starbucks, makeup, and nail art. What makes these videos so interesting is that she is able to create things you didn't even think were possible to create and makes them look so simple and easy to make as well! So if you're into YouTubers who really think out of the box with their DIYs and want to have something no else has, then she is someone you most definitely need to watch.

  1. Bethany Mota

She is the queen of DIY, so much so that she is now designing clothes and home accessories for Aeropostale. The DIY videos she creates are always so vibrant and engaging. The clothes and accessories she creates are always super trendy and really easy to replicate. Her DIY videos really showcase how much of a creative individual she is.  It definitely explains why she has millions of subscribers, dozens of awards, and why she has a really successful life at such a young age. 

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