7 Signs Your Obsession With All Things Korean Has Gone Too Far

7 Signs Your Obsession With All Things Korean Has Gone Too Far

Can you remember a time when your life wasn’t dominated by K-everything? Nope, neither can we. What’s too real, though, is the moment you realize you’ve crossed the point of no return—and you have no regrets. Ahead are seven signs that you’ve surrendered to the madness of all things Korean:

1. You’ve become trilingual...
...without even realizing it! Expressions like “aigoo” and “daebak” have seamlessly made their way into your daily vocabulary, every hot guy is now referred to as “oppa,” and you answer phone calls with “yeoboseyo?”

2. You’ve also seriously considered taking Korean language lessons.
How else would you be able to converse with oppa when he finally has a fan meet in the Philippines?! You literally have only a few seconds to make a lasting impression—you can’t waste that time speaking English. Ikaw yung mag-a-adjust.

3. Your OOTDs are Korean-inspired.
When it comes to shopping these days, you’re more meticulous. Sure, a top could be cute, but is it Korean enough? Would you fit in when you’re strolling around Myeong-dong or posing at all the popular K-drama locations in Busan? After all, you gotta stay on brand.

4. You’ve adopted a K-beauty routine.
Last year, your mom had to nag you daily to wear sunscreen. Now, you can’t stop singing about the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine. You’ve also managed to convince yourself (and your wallet) that you need to use K-beauty products exclusively. Double-cleanse and use those essences like it’s your job, girl.

5. You can watch K-dramas ANYWHERE.
Normal fans would probably press “pause” when they have to eat, use the bathroom, or commute to school. Not you—rain or shine, it’s you and your phone against the world.

6. You spend hours obsessing over your OTP.
Are those sparks flying between them, or are they just really good actors? It doesn’t stop once the drama ends, too, ‘cause now you gotta check for lingering looks in BTS clips and hidden clues on IG posts. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—your OTP is the real deal.

7. You take comfort in Korean food.
And we don’t just mean Korean BBQ, either. We’re willing to bet that you have a secret drawer at home filled with your favorite Korean snacks, like seaweed and jjampong. Better yet, try Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips! It’s the perfect snack to reach for when you’re hankering for something sweet and salty, and we totally won't blame you if you finish a whole pack by yourself. Time to give in to that craving, girl!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Jack 'n Jill Calbee.