7 #MoreThanTheUsual Trends You Need To Try

Check out these unusual but crazy-cute style combos.
7 #MoreThanTheUsual Trends You Need To Try

With the new season in full swing, our wardrobes are craving a dose of #MoreThanTheUsual style. We're talking new trends, unexpected silhouettes, and bold prints. Take a break from your usual ensembles and dare yourself to mix, match, and experiment! Read on to discover alternative pieces and extraordinary new ways to wear your closet staples.

 1  Strapless Dress + Long-Sleeved Shirt

Sweater weather is finally here! But that doesn't mean you have to put those cute strapless dresses in storage. Pair it with a long-sleeved shirt and face the chilly weather in style. Mix contrasting textures for added flair.

 2  Crop Top Over Shirt

We all love how effortlessly stylish crop tops make us look. The next challenge is finding new ways to make it look fresh. Try wearing it over a graphic tee for a surprisingly sweet but edgy look, or over a sheer blouse à la Cher Horowitz.

 3  Split-Back Shirt

Perfect for extra-humid days when every piece of clothing feels like it's sticking to your skin. You don't have to show a lot of back, either. You can go for shirts with lower splits to keep your skin covered while still letting the breeze in.

 4  Big Polka Dots

These aren't just for New Year's Eve. Have fun with polka dots all year long by mixing it with an unlikely print. Florals and dots? Why not? It's fun, loud, and sure to turn heads.

 5  Printed Socks + Shoes

Step up your fashion game with this fun, quirky pairing. Don't worry about finding prints, they're not that hard to look for. But keep your socks in the same color family as your shoes or stick to neutrals to streamline the look.

 6  Skirt + Suspenders

Add a dash of retro chic to your skirt by wearing it with suspenders. This looks cute for both pencil and flared skirts, so have fun experimenting!

 7  Bandana Braids

Update your braids with this classic fashion accessory. Here's how to do it. First, wear your hair in a ponytail. Then roll the bandana to form a long band. Pull half of the band through your hair elastic. Split hair into two sections and use the bandana as the third section of your braid. When you're done braiding, wrap the loose top half of the bandana around your hair elastic. This #MoreThanTheUsual 'do is perfect for your next music fest!

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