7 Moments Girls Who Love Instagram Can Relate To

Ahh, the crazy things we do for our IG feed!
7 Moments Girls Who Love Instagram Can Relate To

Most of the time, we Instagram lovers calculate our every move before clicking the post button. We check every aspect of the photo—from the lighting and filter to the caption and hashtags—just to make sure it will complement our feed. (Yup, we're OC like that!) But there are also days when coming up with the perfect post isn't as complicated, and we're left feeling super #blessed. Here are seven of those moments we couldn't help feeling like we're on cloud nine:

1. When a simple photo gets 30+ likes. Surprise! Surprise! You didn't even have to put in much effort to earn those insta-hearts.

2. When you get the right lighting. No need to use Photoshop to get that sunbeam effect or to get a clear photo of your subject because the sun's got your back!

3. When there's hardly any light, but your shot still looks okay.
Plus points if it's neither grainy nor blurry!

4. When your flat lay turns out perfect. So pretty!

5. When your photo alone is enough to tell the whole story. Give the caption field a rest, and let your snapshot do the talking.

6. When you find someone who is patient enough to take 126 photos of you. That person's a keeper if he/she understands how crucial it is to get the perfect shot.

7. When you look cute even in stolen photos. Whether you're really photographed off guard or just playing the candid card, make your picture more interesting with props—like your favorite Cloud 9 chocolate bar!

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