7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Future College Roommate

Best Roommate Award, FTW!
by Roxci de Leon   |  May 18, 2016
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It happens. One day you're at home, lounging on the couch and scrolling endlessly on your social media feed. The next, you realize that you have to move away from your beloved house and family because it takes a plane ride or a 3-hour route to get to your new school.

Don't worry, living away from home has its perks. First off, it teaches you all about independence. It forces you to learn how to make a budget so that you'll still have money left over to pay your bills. Living away from home also means being yaya-free; making your own bed; and learning a few easy-to-cook meals—because you just can’t live on pancit canton and fast food alone.

But perhaps one of the best things about staying in a condo or dorm is how you can gain a new friend through a roommate, someone who will take your mind off homesickness and help replenish the fridge with food.


To help you kickstart on a great friendship with your roommate, we recommend giving her a little housewarming gift when she arrives. It'll help break the first-day tension and make her see how lucky she is to have you as a friend. Here are our picks below!

  1. Succulents

They're on trend, breathe life into the space, and add a pop of color to the room. Did we mention that succulents are fuss free since they don't require much to be taken cared of?

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By the way, they make great accents for your perfect flat lay posts. #InstagramGoals 

  1. Customized mugs

It never hurts to put a little personality on an otherwise "boring" item. Mugs that have a chalkboard surface are perfect for little pick-me-up notes if your roommate's having a bad day. They also make for a quick notepad if you're thinking about your to-do list over breakfast. Plus points for productivity for sure!

  1. Snack basket

Nothing beats late nights spent gushing over your crush with your roomie. Make the kwentuhan sessions even better with a range of chips and chocolates you two can choose from! Fill the snack basket with the essentials: Nutella, microwave popcorn, Oreos, Ruffles chips—basically anything and everything comfort food.


P.S. You can even make an "All Nighter" snack basket to help get you through all those reports and final papers. Throw in some nuts, chocolates, instant coffee packs, and granola bars and you're all set!

  1. Board games or card games

If you and your roommate love to entertain, it'd be great to have a couple of these lying around. Trust us, boredom will never be a problem if you keep your friends busy with classic games like Taboo, Uno cards, or Jenga. You might even be told to host a monthly game night!

  1. Bulletin board

Sometimes the amount of homework school gives can be a little too overwhelming. Make sure that you and your roomie are on track with your stellar grades by setting your goals and to-do lists on a bulletin board. There's nothing more motivational than seeing your dreams plastered out on a vision board. It'll definitely help remind you to study hard for a great future.

  1. Flowers

Everybody has a favorite flower. From roses, tulips, cheery sunflowers, and darling peonies, flowers are a sure way to brighten anyone’s day. They're beautiful to look at, lovely to smell, and add a touch of feminine flair to a room.

Head over to your favorite flower shop or market stall and pick your favorite colors and kinds. Place them in a pretty vase—even a mason jar will do—and prop them on a table or a windowsill. Your roommate will love the gesture.

  1. DIY Coupons

If your future roommate is already a good friend of yours, then we bet she’d appreciate this gift. DIY coupons are great because they’re inexpensive, customizable, and thoughtful. Think about it, how could she say no to a coupon of free cleaning services care of her ever-so-sweet roomie?


Need more ideas for the coupons? Make a set of "I'll order us pizza for dinner" and an "I promise I'll let you shower first in the mornings" coupons. We guarantee she'll love them!

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In a nutshell, having a roommate is just like having a sister. You can borrow each other's clothes, rant to each other about how you're at your wit's end with trigonometry, and instantly have a shoulder to cry on when you miss home a little too much. 

We'll be honest. Amidst all the perks of independence, we admit that it can get lonely being away from your family. But sometimes, that's why having a roommate is grea. Through her, you get an extension of your family. And sometimes that's all it takes to make your home away from home bearable and cozy.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, Candy Girls!

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