7 Fun Ways To Document Your Summer

It's not everyday that you can travel to new places and be with your friends and family. Make these days count by documenting them, your style!
by Lyka Benitez   |  May 3, 2013
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  1. Instagram
    If you’re all for online presence and effortlessly artsy photos, then Instagram may be the one for you. The creative filters and the no-brainer interface are the perfect match for documenting trips without having to lug around a DSLR or a digital camera (which would take ages for you to transfer to the computer, edit, and then upload). The downside of Instagram, though, is the low-resolution photos. But if it’s all for the purpose of capturing a moment and putting that moment on the Internet, then it would do the job pretty well.
  2. Collecting Mementos
    What better way to remember a trip by seeing something that you got from it? Sure, it may look like junk to outsiders, but seeing a memento would be like a cue for your brain to remember the trip itself. It can be anything – that unique necklace you got from a vintage store, a trinket a native of that country gave to you as a gift, or a even a speck of dust you got while walking around the Great Wall of China! (Okay, the last one was a joke.)
  3. Taking Photos
    Ride the digital photography wave and start taking wonderful photos of your vacation. Unlike Instagram, which is portable, taking legit photographs would mean toting around a DSLR and having to adjust the aperture and shutter speed in between shots. But all the sweat would be worth it; the fruits of your labor would include a trip well-documented and additional shots for your portfolio!
  4. Blogging About It
    Blogging about your trip would be like story telling – there’s writing and, although optional, photography. You would need your own blog account to begin with, so put on your writing cap and start thinking of a cool username to embody what kind of things you would want to put in your blog!
  5. Writing (or Drawing or Pasting) on a Journal
    Go old school and write on a good ol’ notebook. Take it to the extra mile by not just putting on words, but pasting everything and anything that could be pasted (the operative word being: everything) – from the Instax photo you took to the penny you found on the sidewalk of Paris. You can even draw in it if you want to!
  6. Making Videos
    It may be take a lot of work (and not to mention thousands of bytes from your SD card), but a video of your trip would be fantastic. Start filming your ride on the Ferris wheel, your stroll around Hong Kong, and others and then put it all together in one magnificent video that has epic music to boot. It would be like starring in your own music video.
  7. "Book" It!
    Are you the kind of person who never goes on a trip without a book? Record where you’ve been to by adding notes in the book while on the trip itself, like “I feel infinite, yadda yadda…“ while on page 27 of Perks of Being a Wallflower. You could also slip some tickets and pictures in the book to make it extra special.

Do you have a unique way of documenting your summer vacation? Share it in the comments section below!

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