7 Apps That Are Helpful for the Coming School Year

by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Jun 9, 2015
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Welcome to another school year, Candy Girls! Whatever your new school year resolution is, it won't hurt to take advantage of our smart phones and tablets for an extra boost. So we went ahead and listed down some apps that can help you do better this coming school year.

 1  For the Candy Girl who loves languages: Duolingo

Duolingo is a cool app that lets you learn the language of your choice through interactive lessons. Choose from the range of languages (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) that they offer, and you can begin learning the basics of the language. Duolingo keeps track of your progress as it helps you learn the language through interactive activities and pronunciations exercises, you'll be fluent in no time!

1Duolingo is available for free on iOS and Android

 2  For the Candy Girl who loves math and science:Khan Academy

If you're more of a science or math enthusiast or having trouble with your lessons, Khan Academy is the perfect app for you. Khan Academy houses hundreds of videos about a wide range of topics (from algebra to physics), so you're sure to find the lessons you're looking for. The best thing about this app is that the concepts are explained in the simplest ways and the solutions are done step by step, making the lessons easier to understand.


2Khan Academy is available for free on iOS

 3  For the Candy Girl who loves a good challenge: QuizUp

QuizUp is a trivia quiz app that's perfect for your down time from your studying. The app houses a variety of topics from general knowledge, to pop culture, to specific areas of study. Plus it lets you play with people from around the world. The app is a great way to have fun while stepping up your trivia game!

3QuizUp is available for free iOS and AndroiD

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 4  For the Candy Girl who's looking to be more organized: MyHomework

If you have a lot to do but haven't warmed up to writing things down on your planner, MyHomework is the perfect app for you. MyHomework lets you input your class schedule, your homework, and projects. You can even set an alarm to remind you of the deadline! It's the perfect back-to-school buddy.

4MyHomework is available for free on iOS and Android

 5  For the Candy Girl who's looking to be money-savvy: Monefy

Since students are usually given a tight budget, Monefy is a good way to practice your budgeting skills. The app lets you key in your budget or allowance (for the week, for the day, or for the month—you can choose your timetable) and input your expenses. The expenses you input will be divided into categories, and you'll find a breakdown of where you're spending most of your money on. You should definitely download this app if you usually find yourself with an empty wallet at the end of the week.


5Monefy is available for free on Android

 6  For the Candy Girl who wants to stay fit all throughout the school year: Sworkit

A struggle for every student is to find time to exercise despite the hectic school schedule. Sworkit comes to your rescue as it offers short workouts that you can spread throughout the day. You can choose which workout you want (whether cardio, pilates, strength, or stretching) and the length of your workout, then all you need to do is follow the instructions and video demonstrations. You can even customize your own workout to help you keep fit!

6Sworkit is available for free on iOS and Android

 7  For the Candy Girl who wants to learn outside of the classroom: TED

We all need a dose of inspiration once in a while, and TED is a great source of it. Originally a website, TED offers videos of talks under the umbrella topics of technology, entertainment, and design. You're sure to get motivated by the speakers and encouraged to think beyond the demands of school work.

7TED is available for free on iOS and Android

What apps will you be using, Candy Girls? Good luck on your new school year!

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