6 Thrilling Things You Must Do At Least Once In Your Life

Start ticking off your bucket list while you’re young!
6 Thrilling Things You Must Do At Least Once In Your Life

Whether you're busy preparing for your last couple of years in college or maybe making the most out of the remaining days of your high school life, it's important to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. The best life experiences happen when you take chances, so before it's too late, keep your eyes peeled for all the thrill-filled opportunities you can grab—or make them happen for yourself!

Here are some daring to-dos that you can add to your bucket list, so you can get the best that life has to offer:

1. Study or work overseas.

It may seem impossible, but if you're well over 18 and you have your passport at the ready, why not find internships or work opportunities abroad? Working and living in a different city, miles away from home will be scary as hell, but it will surely help you grow as a person while allowing you to gain additional skills and career experiences. 

2. Sign up for a foreign language class. 

Do you love watching K-dramas or French films? Take your fangirling up a notch by actually learning the foreign language you're interested in. Several studies show that being fluent in different languages can help improve your decision-making skills, make you brainier, and even help you get better employment opportunities in the long run. 

3. Go to a movie or eat out on your own.

Being alone could be daunting and awkward, especially if you're a people-person, but it's also a good way to treat yourself to a new experience and build your self-confidence. After all, it's always worth your while to spend time with the best person you know—yourself!

4. Sleep under the stars.

You can climb a mountain or stay up all night with your friends on a roof top under the open sky. Either way, it's always a unique experience to go stargazing. Learn about the constellations, or witness a shower of shooting stars while eating your favorite snacks with your friends. Not only will this be a memorable bonding experience, but it will also help you learn a thing or two about the world we live in.

5. Write a letter to yourself.

A few years from now, you're going to take on huge challenges and new adventures. Push your future self further by writing a letter of encouragement and love and remind yourself to open it five or ten years from now. Trust us, your 25 or 30-year-old self will appreciate it big time!

6. Try something new.

Yeah, pizza may be a staple in your food pyramid now, but how about eating pizza in a new form? Try snacks with unique flavors and textures, so you can tickle your tastebuds with something new while on a roadtrip with friends or even while couch surfing at home. 

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