6 Things You Should Always Be Ready for in Your Teens

Because growing up isn't always going to be easy.
Jun 20, 2016
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6 Things You Should Always Be Ready for in Your Teens

Being a teenager can be both exciting and terrifying. You've probably seen it on TV, in coming-of-age movies, and in paperback novels. You may be going through it right now. These are the years of emotional rollercoaster rides, puberty problems, and huge life lessons. We won't sugarcoat it and say that it really isn't as bad as you think it's like. However, we're here to tell you that all it takes is a little bit of preparedness and a lot of patience and heart. 

Here are the small and big things every Candy Girl should prepare for in her teen years and how to face each challenge or opportunity with optimism and confidence:

1. Going back to school

There are plenty of things to think about in school aside from homework. You have organizations and clubs to join, contests and sports competitions to conquer, and group projects to pass. It may feel stressful and overwhelming at times, but always remember that all these experiences will help you become a more well-rounded individual.

Prep Tip: Before the school year begins (and we know most of you still have plenty of time left!), make a list of all the things you want to learn at school. It can be as simple as learning how to dance in P.E. class, or as complex as finding new ways to solve an Algebra problem. These goals will help you in decision-making (so you know which clubs to join or which contests to try-out for) and keep you excited for the coming months.

2. Making new friends

Is you BFF in a different class this year? Were you transferred to a new school where you know no one? Making new friends may be such a daunting task, especially when everyone around you seems to be in the same awkward stage you're in. It's not an impossible feat though! On your first day in class, put your most confident smile on and keep your talking lines open. 

Prep Tip: Use your learning goals to get into the right clubs and groups at school. Joining organizations will expose you to like-minded people, or new friends with the same kind of interests and hobbies as you.

3. Taking on new responsibilities

Being a teenager also exposes you to new responsibilities at home and at school. You've probably lost your free pass to do laundry now, or your mom could be coaxing you to learn how to clean the house or how to cook your own food. At school, you could be handpicked to lead your group project or even head a volleyball team. No matter what your new accountabilities are, know that each of them will contribute to your character building so do the best that you can and never give up. 

Prep Tip: Take initiative. You can start small by washing the dishes at home or cleaning your room without being told to. Knowing that you're big enough to do things on your own will give you a boost of confidence you'll need later on.

4. Facing failure and rejection

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work on certain things, the outcome won't always meet your expectations. There will always be possibilities of low exam scores, rejection letters from prospective colleges, and even heartbreaks along the way. It may seem hard to accept now but know that you'll look back on these trials someday with a better understanding of success in life.

Prep Tip: Talk to the right people. It could be your older sister, a senior friend at school, your teacher, or even your mom. They've been through all the ups and downs of being a teenager so even if they don't have the same experiences you have, they know how to comfort you the best way possible—by letting you know that things will work out in the end, the same way it did for them.

5. Puberty woes

From growth spurts to acne all over, there is nothing more annoying about being a teenager than puberty. At this age, you tend to experience sudden physical changes that will make you feel awkward and less confident. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to deal with them, you just have to find the right products for you. 

Prep Tip: Establish a solid skin care that will help you through puberty's toughest times. Since your skin changes a lot during puberty, choose beauty must-haves that can control oil and fight pimples all day long. Try Clean & Clear's Foaming Facial Wash for your day and night cleansing, Clean & Clear Essentials Face Powder for your touch-ups, and Clean & Clear Oil Control Film to get rid of excess oil. This Oil Control Routine leaves you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

6. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Big things are never easy to come by so if you're given a chance to do something you've always wanted to do, give it your best shot. Better yet, make opportunities happen by opening yourself up to all the possibilities ahead of you. Want to try acting? Why not start small by uploading your own videos online? Look for people that you want to be like and learn from them!

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