6 Steps To Becoming a Vine Star

Engage your audience in 6 seconds or less.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 17, 2016
Image: Nash Grier | instagram.com/nashgrier
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If you haven't already gotten stuck in the loop, Vine is a social network that allows user to post 6-second videos that can be played, you guessed it, on loop. There are several creative accounts you can follow that will have you stuck on repeat for hours but we thought we'd break down the basics if you want to be your own Vine star.

  1. Be original.

Ryan McHenry, who started the series called Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal, shot 6-second videos of different Ryan Gosling movies with Ryan "refusing" to eat the cereal he would "feed" him. In 2015, the popular Vine user lost his battle with cancer. In honor of him, Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal.

  1. Connect with the right people.

If you've got a punchline that involves a fellow Viner, tag them! Chances are, they'll re-Vine your post and you'll get more loops in the long run.

  1. Use your environment.

Vines can tend to look a little unnatural if you put too much effort in staging everything. Look at your surroundings and improvise. Chances are, whatever situation you're in, you'll be able to think of a fun way to shoot a 6-seconder!

  1. Play up something that's unique about you.

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With all the Viners who are already on the app, it might be a little difficult to stand out if you post what everyone else is posting. Take the Dolan twins for example. A lot of their videos involve each other and have something to do with being twins—a fact that maybe not everyone can relat to but can certainly be interesting to a lot of people.

  1. Don't be afraid to poke a bit of fun at yourself.

Don't take everything so seriously! Woke up with a huge zit on your nose? Make it the star of your Vine! You're guaranteed to get a few laughs from your followers and they'll probably be able to relate to your sitch, too.

  1. Let your feels show.

We know 6 seconds is hardly enough time to articulate your emotions but this where you get creative! An appropriately-timed song cue, a person off-cam dropping your punchline, or you simply letting it all out.

Got more Vine tips for other newbies out there? Let's swap tricks below! And make sure to grab a copy of the July issue for more of the Candy Social Squad. You can download your copy through the Summit Newsstand, too!

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