6 Self-Care Apps to Try if You Want to Keep Track of Your ~Feelings~

Take your pick from this list of self-care apps and mood trackers.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 27, 2021
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) mymind.com, daylio.net
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Admittedly, our generation has become heavily reliant on mobile apps for practically anything. We're always looking at the outside world through our phones that we sometimes forget to keep track of what's going on within our own minds.

Being more aware of our emotions can help us better understand ourselves and how we respond to various events in our lives. Noticing patterns in the way our mood changes help us identify what causes positive and negative emotions. Keeping a journal or a diary is one way to do it, but if you want to maximize the digital resources available around you, there are mobile apps that can help you do just that.

Take your pick from this list of self-care apps and mood trackers: 

Aloe Bud

Available on: iOS

Aloe Bud has a feature that lets you reflect on and keep track of what you're feeling through its journaling tools. It also has features that let you log in and keep a record of various activities and remind you of certain tasks that need to be completed.


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Available on: iOS and Android

Mymind literally acts like your own stream of consciousness. You can input thoughts, images that inspire you, documents you need to remember, quotes that made a huge impact on you, or basically anything that crosses your mind and the app will display it in order of when you inputted it. What's unique about this app is that there are no features that will let you share anything on the app on your social accounts, nor does it track the data you input. You can open the app to add in more entries and look back at the things that once crossed your mind. 

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Available on: iOS and Android

Productive lets you track habits to reach your personal goals. If you're trying to practice more self-care deeds and need help in being consistent every day, using the app can help you spearhead your plans.


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Available on: iOS and Android

If you're not particularly good at articulating your feelings through words, Daylio is the app for you. You can answer its "How are you?" question by simply selecting from a range of emotions. You can input the activities you did for the day with just a few clicks to see what kind of activities or which group of people specifically had an impact on your mood for that day.


Available on: iOS and Android

The stoic app lets you personalize your morning routine and list down your daily activities so that you can reflect on them at night and improve your habits for the coming days. It also includes features you can use whenever you face negative emotions, like journaling, meditation, and focus breathing. 


Available on: iOS and Android

MindDoc is another app that lets you monitor your emotions and your thoughts on a daily basis. It also provides an overview of your entries as well as guidance and insights that can help you identify potential triggers and patterns in your mood. 



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