5 Easy Morning Routines to Help Jumpstart Your Day

No more being grumpy, okay?
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 6, 2016
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Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Waking up early could be a tedious task, however having some easy morning routines can do wonders to help you start your day right.

  1. Wake up to a stretch.

The first thing you think of when you open your eyes is going back to sleep. Instead, learn some yoga poses and apply them to your morning stretch. It starts your day right with a peace of mind.

  1. Listen to uplifting music.

Try to put on uplifting or upbeat music to drive out all the negative energy away. You'll be singing along in just minutes as you dance your way across the room.

  1. Drink at least 2 glasses of water

It's wise to drink water first thing in the morning rather than drinking coffee first, since water hydrates your thirsty body and caffeine promotes stress and tension. More than half of your brain is composed of water so drinking plenty will aid your clarity and focus throughout the day.

  1. Do a quick exercise.

Try having a morning jog or go up and down the stairs multiple times—just so you could have your heart beating and your blood flowing. This helps wake you up, keeps you energized, and releases chemicals in your brain called endorphines, which makes you happy.

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  1. Eat breakfast.

No one's at their best in an empty stomach. Even if you feel full, your stomach has been starving for the whole night. At least grab a banana—it's healthy! And eating early helps boost your metabolism.

REMINDER: Do this again tomorrow.

The point of having a morning routine is to turn healthy actions into habits. Try doing this for a whole week and you'll eventually get a hang of it. 

Here's to waking up fresh in the coming days!

Which of these routines will you start tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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