5 YouTube Channels You Should Follow For Inspiration

Make the time you spend online count by watching videos from these YouTube channels.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 12, 2014
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Got time to spare these days? Subscribe to these YouTube channels ASAP to keep your creative juices flowing, so you'll be inspired to keep moving and doing your thing.

1. The Vlog Brothers (vlogbrothers). Created by brothers Hank and John Green, the Vlog Brothers talk about anything and everything happening in their lives or around them. Aside from talking about a variety of topics, these 2 brothers also encourage their supporters to get involved and create a community of thinkers.

2. Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07). Video blogging from California, Beth is famous for her videos of her current fashion purchases, tutorials, outfit ideas, recipes—everything you can do with your hands! She began her channel as a way for her to escape the stress she gets from bullying, and eventually gained followers whom she calles Motavators.

3. Button Poetry (ButtonPoetry). If you are in love with words and the power they possess, you'll surely enjoy Button Poetry, a movement committed to showcasing the diversity of ideas and voices of people. Performance poets come together in this channel to encourage you to do the same, eventually increasing the love for this art form.


4. TED Talks (TEDTalksDirector). With a mission to give people "ideas worth spreading," TED's channel is oozing with people who talk about their lives, experiences, vision, and their hope to change the world in just a few minutes. With voices that are so moving, you'll surely feel inspired to spread the word and get on a mission to leave your mark (no matter how big or small it maybe) in the world.

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5. Aprils Animals (AprilsAnimals). Are you an animal-lover and you want to do something involving your pets? This channel will keep you thinking about all the fun things you can do with them. April's videos usually star her cute little hamster, Chicken, who goes on these little adventures she puts together for her.

Which channels do you follow on YouTube, Candy Girls? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to follow Candy Magazine, too. See you online! :)

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