5 Ways To Organize Your Library At Home

Keep your reading corner neat and cozy with these ideas
by Gab Buganan for RealLiving.com.ph   |  Oct 5, 2016
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Whether it's for school, work, or leisure, it's safe to say that books are a staple in every home. Over time, we tend to accumulate a lot of hardcovers and our shelves inevitably become overcrowded. The solution? Organizing your collection on a regular basis. Here are some ideas on how you can get your favorite titles in order:

  1. By color

If you're the type who can easily identify books by the spine or you want a system that is aesthetically pleasing, organizing your books by color could be for you. Arrange them in ROYGBIV, matching color blocks, or even stripes!

  1. By type

This is probably the simplest way to keep your books in order! Simply separate the hardcopies and paperbacks from each other and arrange everything on your shelves by height.

  1. By genre

If you have a bunch of different books, you might want to consider arranging them by genre for easy access. To make it easier for you, try dividing it in five general sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference, Art and Design, and Graphic Novels.


  1. By reading status

Do you want to make progress on your reading list? To see which titles you need to crack open immediately, empty your shelves and start sorting your books into three piles: To-Read, Currently Reading, and Read.

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  1. In alphabetical order

Take inspiration from your favorite local bookstore and organize your books in the most reliable way possible. Feel free to choose whether you'll do it by the author's last name or by title.

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