5 Ways To Burn Calories During The Summer

Working out in the beach does have its bonuses for your overall health.
by Noelle A. Hechanova   |  May 13, 2010
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  1. Play Ball
    Get a bunch of your friends and try a game of water basketball. Prefer to stay dry? Try beach volleyball! It's a favorite among beach afficionados. Will beach volleyball, as opposed to normal volleyball, burn more calories?  Fitness expert Vanessa Garcia says it all depends on the number of players. "If you're playing two-man beach volleyball, yes (it will make you burn more). You will have more ground to cover so you have to work harder. Plus, you're on sand. "So depending on how much you want to sweat, play your game accordingly.

  2. Splash Around
    For all you water babies, here are some fun activities you can do to get fit. Try treading. Moving your arms and legs underwater to keep you afloat will give you a good workout. To exercise your lungs, try bobbing (inhaling out of the water, and exhaling through the nose in the water).  Another way to work those legs is to walk on waist-deep water briskly. You'll be getting the workout sans the sweat!

  3. Water Sports
    Should you be lucky enough to have a budget for your work-out, try the various water sports offered by your resort. Kayaking, surfing, getting on a water bike and rowing are some of the many activities your resort could provide.

  4. Jog/Walk Along The Shore
    Jogging or walking can get pretty boring and monotonous. But bring it to the beach setting and voila! This seemingly boring activity becomes a total adventure! Not only do you get to check out the great scenery and absorb the fresh sea air, walking or jogging in the sand actually adds more resistance to your work-out. According to Vanessa, "Running on the shore provides resistance for your legs because of the sand's consistency. Your legs have to work harder to get you up to take the next step and the next. It's also kinder on your joints because it's not as hard as asphalt."  Technically, you'll be burning more calories doing the same activity in the beach.

  5. Be One With The Beach
    Yoga in the beach would truly be an invigorating experience for your body as well as your mind. The fresh air, the sound of the waves, the cool breeze...the beach is surely the perfect place to do all your yoga moves.
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