5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

by Giancarla Espinosa   |  Apr 11, 2010
photo by Dakila Angeles
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  1. Don't skip meals.
    Your body needs its fuel. Depriving it of nutrients would mean that you are, quite literally, running on empty. More importantly, chow down on something first thing in the morning. Breakfast-eaters are more energetic than those who aren't.

  2. Get a little extra help.
    According to Dr. Patrick Tejada, folate and iron supplements increase energy. They help prevent anemia, which causes fatigue. Oxygen is also carried around the body more efficiently which enhances physical capacity.

  3. Curb the carbs.
    If you need to be particularly alert, stay away from carbohydrates such as rice and pasta. They signal the release of the chemical tryptophan, which relaxes you. Stick to protein-rich food like meats and beans instead.

  4. Bring on the magnesium.
    People with magnesium deficiencies require more oxygen to do physical tasks. That can leave you feeling more winded easily. Load up on fish and green, leafy vegetables to improve your stamina.

  5. Hydrate.
    Dehydration can leave you feeling tired and achy. Most experts still stick to the good old rule of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Need an extra jolt? Dr. Godwin Vivar suggests drinking natural fruit juice since vitamin C increases energy.
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