5 Ways To Beat the Monday Blues (March 31)

Kids, kids, and more kids to brighten your Monday morning!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 31, 2014
PHOTO FamilyMart Taiwan
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1. What happens when little kids take over as store managers? Cuteness overload, that's what happens. These kids who took over Taiwan's FamilyMart are definitely going to make your day! Having a difficult time understanding the video below? Some scenes are translated over here.

2. This toddler found a friend in her shadow! She even waves and claps at her dim buddy. Too cute!

3. You think you have so much love for good music, until you watch little girl Lara passionately conduct a choir during their worship service.

4. This dad and his daughter are Taylor Swift fans. Her kid even corrects some of his lines!

5. Oh no! This little brother was seriously upset after he found out that he's having another sister. Awww!

Have a good week ahead, Candy Girls!

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