5 Ways to Be Your Happiest, Healthiest Self This Pandemic

1. Unplug yourself from social media.
by Bea Alamis   |  Jul 10, 2021
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Most people, including me, have been dealing with burnout, especially since many of us are loaded with a lot of school work for online classes. At some point, you just have to distract yourself to avoid being stressed out. We still have to keep our minds and bodies healthy even during these times. We may be overwhelmed with what is happening around us, but it’s still best to continue working on becoming the best version of ourselves. So here are five ways (tried and tested by myself, which you could try for yourself as well!) to channel the good vibes and become stronger inside and out despite being stuck inside our homes. 

Unplug yourself from social media.

Scrolling through your feed isn’t that bad, especially since we all find entertainment on different social media platforms. But if you think it's already taking a toll on you, might as well disconnect yourself from it for a while. As for me, I went on a social media detox where I uninstalled the most demanding apps, aka Facebook and Twitter; I focused on doing art and writing and spent more time with myself. This led me to be more productive with my time rather than spending it with my phone all day. 

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Exercise daily. Try a new workout!

A month after the first ECQ was implemented in the Metro, I finally dared myself to try working out. Mind you, it wasn’t easy at all. I had to commit myself to do it every day and eventually, it somehow worked for me. Didn’t you know that working out helps ease our minds? It doesn’t just make us stronger physically but it also does work mentally and emotionally. Why not do a 10-minute HIIT or a 15-minute ab workout for beginners? You don’t have any excuse not to try it! 

Mantain a clean room.

You might find this funny because who doesn’t clean their rooms? Too embarrassing to tell you, but I didn't clean my room that much, not until this pandemic happened. I’m so preoccupied to the point that I couldn’t care less about where I even sleep (speaking as a Fine Arts student!). But [not] surprisingly, cleaning your rooms could sweep away your stress. Tidying up our rooms could also help our brains not to have scattered thoughts. Simply making your bed in the morning can instill a sense of accomplishment and might help you become productive for the rest of the day. But really, this is another sign that you have to clean your room and regularly change your sheets! 


Get a makeover.

If you’re having second thoughts about dyeing your hair, then this is your sign! I have been so scared of trying new things when it comes to what I look like. Every year, I got used to getting my haircut done. This time, I wanted to try a new look! I’ve been so hesitant to go with short hair for the reason that it might not look good on me. Knowing myself, I love taking risks, so I had my hair cut into a shorter length. It was so fulfilling to me! I also received compliments from my friends that I look good with it. I even tried dyeing my hair since we can’t go out as usual. You can also consider it as a fresh start for yourself. 

Surround yourself with the right people.

It’s hard to deal with everything especially if you don’t have the right support system. You have to learn to walk away from friends and people who have treated you badly. Although I was scared, I always ask myself if having a so-called friend who is not fully supportive of what I do is worth it. Absolutely a no-no for me! Pandemic has taken a lot of our energy and the best we can do for ourselves is to walk out of an unhealthy relationship--may it be romantic or platonic. You have to keep in mind that it’s always quality over quantity. 


Forgive yourself.

This is the last thing that I would suggest you to try doing. As we are in a pandemic, we often want to try a lot of new things. Baking, creating art, working out, binge-watching every series we’ve been waiting for. It’s just a LOT. We can’t do everything all at once, so take it one step at a time. I tried doing new things as well where I was expecting a fast result but no, it’s a process and we can’t pressure ourselves to have it in front of us already.

The least we could do is to forgive ourselves, and try again when we're ready. I have been skipping my workouts and other commitments just because I don’t feel like doing it. It’s definitely fine! We should always learn to move forward after making mistakes and just focus on doing things better. Whether you’ll be doing two to three of the things listed here or maybe just one, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you're doing it at your own pace, then it’s all good! 



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