5 Videos Every Bookworm Can Relate To

Take a reading break by watching these!
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 22, 2016
Image: YouTube | Featured Videos Art: Clare Magno
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  1. Boys in books are better. Enough said.

This video may be three years old already, but the effect it has on us never gets old. We love that this BookTuber knows her YA lit so well and even more so that she's a bibliophile who writes songs and sings them, too! The next time someone questions your ~*obsession*~ over any literary character, show them this video.

  1. What the authors are thinking when they're writing a novel.

The answer to your "Seriously, what was she thinking?!" questions when reading or finishing a book is in this video, done in more or less than 10 ways. Although they're obviously exaggerated, the "thoughts" of the authors are so spot on! 

  1. When book passages happen in real life.

You know how when you read a book, you just can't help but make a mental image or imagine the scene of a phrase or paragraph you just read? Well, this BookTuber took it a level higher and made video interpretations of those phrases! It's hilarious.


  1. When your favorite author announces she has a new book.

Posting on all your social media accounts about your fave author's new release and incessantly chatting about it with your fellow fangirls is pretty much a given. What's not are the next three minutes that happen in this video. We bet watching it feels like, "Yep, I've done that. That one, too. Yeah, also that!"  

Featured Video

  1. The different faces readers make when reading a book.

If you're the kind of reader who can't help but make a scrunchy face every time there's a cringeworthy situation in the story, you might want to watch this video featuring 40 different facial reactions! The faces can get a bit over the top, to be honest, but the descriptions are gold!

Reading break's over! Now time to pick up where you left off.

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