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by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 1, 2013
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Hair Hues
If you're achin' for a change but love your hair length and style, you might want to opt for a new hair color instead. If you have no clue where to start, begin by browsing board to see which color you think might suit you. If you're thinking out of the box, you can go for a bright ombre  or a pop of color!

Beauty Queen Dianna Agron
We all know her as Quinn Fabray, Captain-of-the-Cheerios-turned-mom that went through a lot of ups and downs. But whether it's onscreen or off screen, she still portrays a simple elegance that can be played up with soft makeup or dramatic eyes. Get a load of Dianna Agron's looks here.

Cinderella Movies
The classic Disney movie has some movie counterparts in the real world, which might not translate into a prince sweeping a damsel in distress off her feet but has taken some really interesting applications to this day, check out a few from this board.

Brave Words
"Bangon!" The worst part is over, and it's now time to start rebuilding our lives, or at least help those who have lost everything. Although donations are really great, sometimes encouraging words can go a long way. Share some quotes from this board today!

DIY Gifts
Are you on a tight budget this holiday, but want to be generous enough to give everyone a gift? These great DIY ideas are easy enough to do without breaking your bank! They range from décor to really practical gifts anyone will enjoy.


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