5 Very Pinteresting Boards To Follow Now

Rounding up inspiration boards you can pin too! Check back weekly for more suggestions.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Aug 4, 2013
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  • These animated films from the past and present are a playful reminder that there's a child in all of us.
    This board makes me want to re-watch these Disney films with friends. And even though I know I'll cry and laugh, it’s those parts in the movie that make it so good! Set your Saturday nights with these flicks!
  • It's this kind of rainy weather where you just want to wear a good warm sweater, and what better way to amp up the look than with these cute fashion and hair accessories!
    Emphasize girly aesthetics with this board, it has different bow accessories, necklaces barrettes, rings and more, so even if you're not a "bow" kind of girl, there’s still something in it for you!
  • A look you can look forward to re-creating!
    Whether you're fair, pale, tan, brown, there's a skin tone in this board that can match yours which you can base your next look on!
  • These assortment of crop tops are more than plain and boring, it portrays a wide selection of stellar designs you need to take in mind the next time you think of buying one!
    Sheer, printed, cutout, simple, tweed, there are a lot of crops to envy  on this board that are worth checking out. Take your pick!
  • Time to free your mind from negativity and let your soul start living!
    Inhale the words on this board for a happier you! Time to learn that life’s too short to wait for things to happen, or feel sad, move on to the next chapter of you book and start living!
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