5 Tips to Waking Up to a Good Morning

No one likes to start the day off on the wrong foot! Candymag.com Correspondents Thea and Mai give you tips on how to start your day with a smile.
by Mai Arcano, Thea Miranda   |  Jan 24, 2012
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Gone are the days where you are enemies with the alarm clock. Trying to bargain for more sleep is so last year. It is time to unleash the morning person within you, Candy Girl! These 5 tips are sure to help you start your day right. Here’s to 366 days of good mornings!

  1. Prepare the night before.
    Before going to bed, have everything ready for the next day. Prepare the clothes that you will wear, your assignments and/or projects, and other things that you need to bring to class. This will keep you from forgetting something in the morning when you're already on your way to school! Doing so will also save you from rushing around and getting stressed early in the morning.

  2. Eat a good breakfast.
    What better way than to start the day right with a satisfying meal?  Milk, cereal, fruits, and you are good to go! With the busy day ahead of you from school or work, make sure to fuel up with the nutrients and energy you will need. Get that instant energy boost from your first meal of the day!

  3. Have a simple skin care regimen.
    Washing your face with cold water will not only help you stay awake. More importantly, the splash of cold water on your face will also aid in closing pores, constricting your blood vessels, and reducing puffiness and visibility of dark undereye circles. Also, don't forget to apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Moisturizer helps in hydrating your skin while locking in moisture. Meanwhile, applying sunscreen 30 minutes before you head outdoors will protect your face from ultraviolet radiation that may damage your skin.

  4. A prayer for your thoughts.
    There's nothing like a day that is jumpstarted with a prayer. Praying for the day ahead will result in a calm and peaceful self that will keep you optimistic and positive no matter what may happen throughout the day.

  5. Be optimistic.
    This is the instant solution to a great day. Begin the day with good vibes by thinking of happy thoughts in the morning. Remember, it is another dayto make things right and actually make a difference. Being optimistic allows you to think your day through and get tasks done.
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