5 Tips on How to Prepare for a Race

Train the right way.
  |  Jul 24, 2011
product photos courtesy of Adidas
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With the King of the Road race coming up on October 23, Adidas shares tips on how to train for the 5k, 16.8k, and 21k courses. Remember, these are just a few tips, and you’ll have to mentally prepare yourself too.

  1. Do your homework. Grab the route map and get a feel of what you’re getting yourself into. Knowing the downhills, uphills, and ridges can help your running performance.
  2. Get the perfect pair of shoes. Without this, you can expect leg and lower back pain. When buying, keep ventilation, cushioning, and comfort in mind. Get started on your shoe and apparel shopping by browsing through the photos below.  
  3. Carb up. Load up on carbohydrates, the most common source of energy. Bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cereals, and fruits are some of the food rich in carbs.
  4. Remember to stretch. A 15-minute stretch after every run makes all the difference. It lessens soreness, increases muscle flexibility, makes your strides longer, and prevents long-term injury.
  5. Listen to your body. Slowly up the mileage, and adopt a method where you alternate tough and easy workouts to give your body time to recover. Take precaution to avoid serious injuries.

If you're aged 12 and above, register for King of the Road on its website on or before August 31. You'll need to get your parent's or guardian's consent if you're below 18 years old.

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