5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget, According to Joyce Pring

She also answered a handful of travel-related Qs!
by Karen Terese Rojas   |  Jul 18, 2017
Image: Karen Terese Rojas
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Joyce Pring, radio DJ and TV personality, likes to travel a lot. You can see it on her YouTube channel that she loves exploring new cities and countries. So when we chanced upon her at the opening of Mountain Dew's first Dew Nation HQ Adrenaline Park last weekend, we had to talk to her about all things travel. First up, we asked her for tips on traveling on a budget. For someone who admits she's an expensive explorer, she gave some pretty sound advice. Here are her five tips: 

  1. Plan ahead of schedule.

"If you're on a budget, kailangan you have to plan everything from the places that you'll go to and the places you'll stay at ahead of time."

  1. Seat sales are key.

"Always look out for [mga] seat sales, you know sales on Agoda or wherever you're booking."

  1. Travel with friends.

"It's always cheaper when you get to split it amongst friends."

  1. Know your itinerary.

"Kasi if you know your itinerary, where you're gonna be going and you actually plan the tours ahead of time, it's much cheaper."

  1. Have fun.

"Whatever budget you have, just maximize whatever it is you get."

And since we're curious about her travels, we asked Joyce all sorts of travel-related questions, from dream destinations to favorite travel locations.

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What's your dream destination?

Safari; South Africa

How do you select the destination you go to?

Usually places that I haven't been to or places that my friends would suggest

How long does it take for you to plan a trip?

I go on the fly. I'm an expensive traveller sometimes because of my schedule, I go whenever I can.

What is your most memorable out of the country trip?

I went to Europe, my favorite will have to be Paris. We went to Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, and then Madrid.


How about your most memorable domestic trip?

Palawan or Siargao

What is your ideal length of stay in a different place?

Enough to maximize the place, I guess. Sometimes, I have 3 or 4 days in one city and it's enough to really see the whole place.

Are you willing to try exotic food?

Yeah, definitely. But I never have eaten anything exotic.

What do you have to consider when choosing a destination?

I guess if it's somewhere new. It really depends, if it's somewhere you want to explore. It really depends on the person.

What advice can you give to people who always travel alone?

Be safe and always tell your friends and family where you are.

Want to share your travel stories or tips? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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