5 Things People With Bad Handwriting Are Tired of Hearing

And five sassy comebacks to shut them down.
by Mara Agner   |  Apr 25, 2017
Image: Summit Entertainment
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Having good or bad penmanship was such a big deal back when we were all just learning to write. Unfortunately, those who had (or still have) bad hand writing never heard the end of it! Below are the five comments they've been told at least once in their lives. 

  1. "Are you a doctor because you write like one!"

The most popular backhanded handwriting compliment of all! 

  1. "Parang kinahig ng manok yung sulat mo."

Parang being the operative word, you mean? 

  1. "Do you understand your own handwriting?"

I can't either, but that's my problem and not yours! 

  1. "I'm never borrowing notes from you."

For all you know, I write this way so people like you couldn't benefit from it.

  1. "Wow, I don't understand a word."

Sure, blame it on my penmanship.

How good is your handwriting?

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