5 Snacks to Load Up On When You're Up Late Finishing a Paper

Load up on food that's high in protein for that needed energy boost to help you power through.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Mar 6, 2016
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While it's easy to just pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave or order in fast food for a late night of studying, instead of burning the midnight oil, you'll probably be snoozing even before the clock strikes 12. Apart from a cup of coffee, we list down some snacks to keep stocked when you're faced with an all-nighter.

  1. Dark Chocolate. The darker the better. You want a really high percentage of cacao because aside from the caffeine kick, cocoa also boosts your energy and helps you focus better.
    TryWhole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

  2. Citrus. The high Vitamin C in citrus fruits give you an energy boost and help keep you awake and alert.
    Try: Citrus Cooler

    Citrus Cooler

  3. Salmon. This fatty fish rich in Omega-3 helps in building not just your muscles and other tissues in your body but also your energy.
    Try: Salmon Asparagus Yakitori

    Salmon Asparagus Yakitori

  4. Walnuts. These particular nuts have the highest Omega-3 content, which makes it a great energy builder as well.
    TryWalnut and Lemon-Crusted Fish Nuggets

    Walnut and Lemon-Crusted Fish Nuggets

  5. Steak and Eggs. While a carbohydrate bomb of sugar can give you a quick boost, it can also make you crash quickly right after. Load up on protein to sustain you throughout the night.
    TrySteak and Eggs

    Steak and Eggs

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