5 Tips To Avoid Feeling Icky This Rainy Season

Keep yourself (and your stuff!) fresh and dry even when it's pouring out.
5 Tips To Avoid Feeling Icky This Rainy Season

Another school year is here, and unfortunately, that also means that the rainy season is back. But let's face it, you can never predict the weather. You can wake up and get ready for school while it's bright and sunny, only to experience heavy rains by dismissal time. Such a hassle, right? Here, genius rainy day tips  that will help you get through this wet season.

 1  Pack a complete outfit inside your school locker.

Being prepared can save you from that weird feeling of fabric sticking to your skin when your clothes are drenched in rain water after rushing to class. So even if you're required to wear a school uniform, keep a complete set of clothes inside your locker. You'll never know when you'll need an extra shirt, pair of jeans, socks, or underwear to change into. Just make sure it still passes your school's dress code!

 2  Bring resealable plastic bags for your stuff.

Imagine opening your bag after hurrying from the rain and finding a wet mess of school books and notebooks inside, with your sandwich, wilting beside it. Eww, right? Save your important papers, gadgets, and baon from getting ruined by the rain by storing them in resealable plastic bags before placing them inside your backpack. It sounds a little silly, but trust us, you will thank us later.

 3  Keep cute rain boots handy. 

Let's face it. The flood situation in our country is getting worse by the minute and it's not exactly ideal for you to soak your socks and newly-bought shoes into flood, mud, and rain waters. Imagine that squeaky feeling you get every time you take a step because of your wet socks and shoes, eww! Bringing slippers might be a good alternative, but the threat of leptospirosis is always enough to scare you from wading through floods in your flip-flops. Get cute plastic rain boots that you can easily stow in your locker so you don't have to go home with stinky feet.

 4  Alway carry around some wipes.

Remember those microfiber towels in your dad's car? Yup, you totally need one of those too. Keep a towel in your bag and a roll of tissues too so you can wipe your arms and legs if you get wet. Rain water is not exactly clean and if you let it just dry on your skin, you end up feeling sticky, or worse, smelling like rain, throughout the rest of the day. Keep a pack of baby wipes too so you can wipe your feet clean in case you get wet from running across puddles. 

 5  Keep yourself feeling fresh with pantyliners.

Rain or shine, everyday wetness is something that all girls experience as they grow up. It's that wet feeling down there that makes you feel gross and unfresh. It's the sticky feeling you get down there that affects how you look, how you move, and how you feel. That's why it's important to keep a pack of Carefree pantyliners handy. It absorbs everyday wetness, so you can feel clean and fresh all day long, even during rainy days. For more details, visit the Carefree Philippines Facebook page.

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