5 Pop Fiction Books To Read If You Loved She's Dating The Gangster

Looking for something new to read? Why not give these titles a try.
by Lynn Lopez   |  Sep 18, 2014
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She's Dating the Gangster has everything you could possibly want in a love story: an unexpected relationship, rivalries, a bad boy turned dream guy, and an ending that hits you right in the heart. If you're new to Pop Fiction and you're looking for a story that will pull you in and leave you completely bowled over by the end like SDTG did, take a look at three five books you can start with.

Accidentally in Love With a Gangster
by marielicious

There's the word "gangster" in the title, and it's basically about finding love in the most unexpected places. The lead character is Gail, whose dream guy is someone who a smart, sweet gentleman (and don't we all dream of the same thing), but she finds herself falling in love with the complete opposite of who she's looking for (and haven't we all found ourselves in the same situation at some point?).


The Boy Next Door Part 1
by ScribblerMia

It sounds like a cute story from the get-go—how could anyone go wrong with next-door neighbors who've known each other forever and eventually falling in love? But it's a rocky path for Astrid, because Karl teases and torments her relentlessly, even telling her crush that she likes him!

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Seducing Drake Palma
by beeyotch

On a dare from her friend, Alys is on a mission to get school heartthrob Drake Palma to fall in love with her. But it's going to be a challenge, because Drake is standoffish, a bit mean, and breaks hearts left and right (sound familiar?).

A Place in Time Book 1
by j_harry08

Now here's another heart-breaker and tearjerker. A Place in Time Book 1 is the story of Shay and Terence, the older brother of her best friend. They fall in love after their first date, and you'd think that's enough to guarantee a Happily Ever After for these two. But Terence has a big secret that keeps him from getting too close with other people. Warning: Be prepared with a box of tissues while you're reading this!


Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista
by modernongmariaclara

Kenji and Athena had to pretend to be a couple (at first!) because Kenji was trying to make his ex jealous, and in ABKA, Daniella and Bryan also had to pretend to be a couple for three months, and they even signed a contract for their "intimate relationship"—with a punishment for the person who goes against the rules.

Which one will you be reading next?

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