5 Pieces of Advice From My Mom That I’ll Forever Cherish

by Jessica Tambunting   |  Jan 17, 2022
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Sometimes we tend to overlook or tune out what our parents say because we think it is another lecture, and we fail to note the important things they say. I, for one, have a mom who did not lack in the department of giving us advice as we were growing up. Here are some of her words of advice that, thankfully, I remember and would like to share. You might see some that your parents have told you also. 

Stop worrying about things that you can’t control.

There are things we can and can’t control. For instance, what other people think about us is something we can’t control, but how we act towards people is something we can. If we worry about things that are out of our reach, we only give ourselves unnecessary frustration. When we experience unexpected situations, instead of dwelling on why they happened, we can instead focus on how we react to situations and our next course of action.

Don’t say “no” without even trying.

When I was a teen, my mom would encourage us to be resourceful. She would ask us to do something, and as much as possible, she did not want us to say that we can't do it automatically. She wanted us to find ways to accomplish the task. The same goes with trying new things. Before we limit ourselves, we need to try it out. We would never know we could do something if we don’t try.


Comparing yourself to other people can make you notice what you don’t have, but focusing on what you have can allow you to be more appreciative of life.

We used to watch MTV's Teen Cribs when we were kids. We would end up comparing what we have to the teens on television. My mom told us that when we compare our lives to those people, we notice what we lack and forget about the things that we do have. This goes beyond just material items. It can also apply to how we view our achievements and success in relation to others'. 

Even a 10-item quiz is hard when you don’t study.

When I was young, my mom would always tell me this before a big test. However, this is something I also apply outside the academic context. This is about being prepared. If I don’t plan or think ahead of time, there’s a chance that I won’t be able to do my best in the task at hand, or impromptu changes will throw me for a loop. By anticipating different scenarios or outcomes, I can prepare myself ahead of time. I still keep in mind, however, that there are things in life we can't prepare for, and that we also have to learn to adapt to what life throws our way.

Choose your friends wisely.

Some friends will come and go. My mom used to say that your best friend can also be your worst enemy. They are the ones who know where to hurt us, what we value, as well as our secrets. My mom would remind me how important it is to have friends that we can trust and rely on. Even if you fall apart, you know they’ll never use it against you.

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Furthermore, she shared that the company we keep reflects who we are and who we become. It's important to be with friends who are a good influence to us. We need to choose friends who push us to do better, call us out when we have done something wrong, celebrate our victories, and be there for us when times are tough. 

These are pieces of advice that I’ll hold on to as time passes by. Try to look back on your conversations with your parents. What are your parents' bits of advice that you are thankful for knowing? Remember it by heart, and someday you can pass it on, as well.

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