5 Little Things to Change For You to Burn Fat Even While Sleeping

It's totally possible!
by Pam Carlota   |  Nov 26, 2016
Art: Clare Magno
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Here's some good news: Our body actually burns body fat while we sleep. But there are certain aspects that slow down our metabolism, preventing our body from burning body fat like it's supposed to. Here are some simple ways to get your metabolism on track, and shed off some fat while you get that much needed night's rest.

  1. Sleep with the lights off—including your night light.

Can you believe that exposure to light could be a factor that causes weight gain? A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that exposure to light could actually hinder you from a great night's sleep, which results in weight gain. The study cunducted an experiment where the  subjects who slept in the darkest rooms were 21% less likely to end up obese than those who slept with the lights on. (via EatThis.com)

  1. Eat smaller portions of meals frequently.

It's actually better to eat small portions as often as possible, rather than eating three big meals during the day. Eating small meals could trick your metabolism to burn fat consistently throughout the day—and night! But be sure that what you eat is not junk food because this could backfire. (RealBuzz.com)

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  1. Drink tea instead of soft drinks.

Try drinking tea as much as you drink carbonated drinks, because softdrinks are filled with sugar and chemicals that are actually bad for you. Yikes! Certain teas even have some weight loss properties in them, like Oolong tea. It could dim your hunger hormones and up your calorie burn to melt stored fat cells. (via EatThis.com)

  1. Have some dairy.

Contrary to popular belief, eating dairy products could actually help speed up your metabolism. Lucky for those who aren't lactose intolerant, dairy has a component that is proven to aid fat loss while you sleep. However, be sure to drink milk that doesn't contain too much sugar, and remember not to take dairy too much because anything excessive is be bad for you. (via thescienceofeating.com)

  1. Get enough sleep.

That's actually the point of this article: to remind you to get a good night's rest. Sleep also plays a major role in our body's fat-burning ability, because missing sleep could result in weight gain. Researchers from Columbia University have found that people who sleep less than seven hours at night are heavier and could gain weight over time. They also have a harder time losing weight! So the next time you want to marathon a series, save it for the next day because sleep is just as important as exercise in the weight loss department. (via thescienceofeating.com)


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