5 Lessons We Learned From UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013

UAAP Cheerdance Competition is the teacher, we are all the students and here are the five things the experience taught us.
by Angel Salazar   |  Sep 17, 2013
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  1. No to playing safe. It is always a risk when you want to try something new. At the end of the day, it will boil down to who took more risks by doing complex stunts and committed fewer mistakes. What’s that line from a song again? Yup, "even the best fall down sometimes." So in order to succeed, take chances, fall down and rise up.
  2. It's anybody's ball game. The world is round and the National University's (NU) Bulldogs Pep Squad is the living proof. For the previous years, everybody was excited for what the perennial contenders UP Pep Squad and FEU Cheering Squad have to offer. But when the NU Pep Squad showcased their Arabian nights-themed routine, the tables were turned. From being underdog to top dog, they wowed the judges and the audience with their clean and heart-stopping stunts, giving them their first ever cheerdance championship title. The Bulldogs made it clear for all of us: never underestimate your opponent.
  3. It's about passion and unity. By just looking at the cheerdancers' faces while performing, you will see how much they want to win. Through the Bulldogs' stunts and pyramids, the audience saw how united and determined they are to keep any team member from falling down. According to NU Pep Squad’s head coach Ghicka Bernabe, unity was the team's weapon. "The team is very united. That’s the secret. They don't give up on what we ask them to do. They maximize the time," she said. On the other hand, team captain Adrian Alban said: "Nag-focus kami kung san kami mahina last year," and shared that they trained for four to five months since last summer.
  4. Be a sport; play nice. Every competition brings forth winners and even those who don't win come out winners too just by trying. When the team you are rooting for does a very good job, you have every right to cheer your heart out! But when a competing group messes up, try your best not to rejoice or at the very least keep your emotions to yourself. Remember that paying no respect for the feelings of others is very unsportsman-like.
  5. Have fun. Take the UAAP Cheerdance Competition and other sports games as opportunity to express your school spirit and to bond with your college friends. Regardless of which team wins, the important thing is that you were able to show that you are a true-blue (insert school/university here) student. Sore throat brought by your loud cheers and yells, the goosebumps every time your pep squad pulls off a difficult stunt, and the freefall of your heart when they fail to execute a move —these things will make your college life unforgettable.

The winners of the the UAAP Cheerdance Competition are: Champion - NU Pep Squad, 1st runner-up - UP Pep Squad 2nd runner-up - DLSU Animo Squad and in the Group Stunts: 1st place - NU Pep Squad, 2nd place - FEU Cheering Squad, 3rd place - UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

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