5 Inspirational Books For A Better You

Check out these life-changing reads!
  |  Mar 19, 2015
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It's 2015 and for most of us, starting the year right means resolving to do more, be more, and get better. This year, why not start with reading more books that will inspire you to be better in all aspects of life? Here's a rundown of the five books that will make you want to be awesome in so many ways!

1. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Still struggling to fit in at school? Maybe Stargirl can teach you a thing or two. This inspirational read about a home-schooled girl will show you that above being popular or fitting in, it's more important to be different, and to be kind to everyone.

2. This Star Won't Go Out: The Life And Words Of Esther Grace Earl by Esther Earl, Wayne Earl, John Green

Remember that book by John Green that made us all weep like little babies? Yeah, this book was dedicated for Esther Earl (not about her, John Green says, but inspired by her). Whether or not you've known someone who's been battling the same disease, this book will inspire you to be hopeful and thankful for all the days of 2015 (and beyond).


3. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver 

This book isn't an ordinary high school girl story. Samantha Kingston's story of reliving the last day of her life seven times will not only make you question the value of life but will also inspire you to look at your family and your friends in a whole different light.

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4. It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Can't deal with school pressures? You're not alone. Craig Gilner is your average high school kid until the pressure of getting into the school of his dreams got to him. For a YA book, this one has a lot of dark edges but it will definitely help you come to terms with who you are.

5. Hate List by Jennifer Brown

The title may sound really heavy for an inspirational read, but trust us this book will take you places. Valerie Leftman's story of tragedy and hope will show you how everything we do or say have consequences that might just change our lives forever.


So what do these books have in common? Empowerment. At the end of these pages, you will find yourself wanting to break free from the bad vibes of 2014 and become a better, more beautiful person in 2015. Not sure where to begin? Power up your skin regimen with Skin White's PowerWhitening Lotion for skin that's noticeably whiter in just 7 days! Learn more about SkinWhite essentials here!

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