5 Holy Week Superstitions We've Been Told By Our Elders

And why we should/shouldn't do them.
by Mara Agner   |  Apr 12, 2017
Image: "Lola" Swift Productions
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Unless you grew up outside of the Philippines, we're sure you've been reminded by your elders of the things you should and shouldn't do during Holy Week. Here are the most common superstitions we've been told to follow.

  1. Bawal masugatan

Reason: The wound will take a longer time to heal since Jesus is dead.

  1. Bawal maligo after Jesus' death at 3 PM on Good Friday

Reason #1: Water from the faucet or shower might turn into blood.

Reason #2: Taking a bath means inflicting pain on Jesus' wounds.

  1. Bawal gabihin sa daan.

Reason: There are a lot of evil spirits lurking while Jesus is dead.

  1. Maglagay ng palaspas sa pintuan.

Reason: This will prevent the aswang and other bad spirits from entering your home.

  1. Maging mas maingat.

Reason: The power of the demons are strong especially on Good Friday and Black Saturday.

How many of these did you follow when you were younger?

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